• Quartz is here!

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  • Arcade Fire

    LD: Chris Bushell
    Sapphire Touch

  • Titan V8

    Titan Version 8 has arrived

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  • Coldplay

    VJ: Ben Miles
    Media Server: S8

  • Tiger Touch Fader Wing

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  • The S2 Media Server Arrives!

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  • Bon Jovi

    'Because We Can' Tour

    Server: Infinity 8


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Distributors visit Avolites for another outstanding Overview Day
Distributors visit Avolites for another outstanding Overview Day
UK - Avolites HQ: After another successful installment of the plasalondon trade show, over 30 International Distributors joined us at our head offices for our annual overview day, held on Friday 9th October. Distributors traveled from around the world to attend the overview day, which gave them an opportunity to learn about the great new features in Titan and Ai V8, and get a sneak-peek at what’s coming in version Titan V9. 


Regular online training sessions via Go-to-Meeting every Thursday for both Titan and Ai, exploring the latest software features.

The Avolites Go to Meeting provides you with a tool to view our simulator and view every button press during the training session on your screen. 

You will be able to view features shown by our trainer and have the ability to ask questions.

Webinars take place at:

10am* and 5.00pm* (GMT) – Titan session

11.30am* and 2.00pm* (GMT) – Ai session


Feature Focus

Freeze/Release Fixture Values:


If you prefer your fixtures to release their values once you press clear at the end of programming, hold down the Clear button, and select ‘clear options’ from the softkeys.  In there you’ll find an option to toggle from ‘Freeze current values’ to ‘Release to playback values’.  Freeze is the ‘Avo’ way, where your fixtures remain in their current state until told new information, Release is more similar to some other moving light consoles.