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Upcoming Titan Webi

2nd March Timecode- Using Winamp and Internal
Timecode can be used in cue lists so cues can fire at an exact time rather than the need for pressing a button. There are different types of timecode that can be used, so this webinar will focus on manually inputting timecode for cues, as well as using internal timecode and Winamp to fire your cue list. Register here

16th March Set Lists, Macros & Editing Fixture Information
Set lists can be useful when touring with a band as the layout can be tailored and edited to suit each show. This webinar will focus on how to create a setlist. We will also look at what a Macros is and the different ways on how we can use them as well as how to edit useful fixture information. Editing fixture information can allow you to freeze certain attributes for a fixture such as dimmer information. Register here

23rd March  Multi User and Back Up
In this webinar we will be using linking two consoles as multi user and how you can program a show using both. We will look at what a handle world is and how to use it as well as using one of the consoles to takeover control, for a scenario situation.  Register here

30th March  Import show, Fixture Mapping& Attribute Mapping
When faced in a situation where you have programmed your show, turn up to the venue and the fixtures are different, fixture mapping could help to save you time and having to re program your entire show. This webinar will focus on what you can do in that situation, from mapping your fixtures, importing a show and mapping attributes from one fixture type to another.. Register here

Please be aware that during trade shows and festival season we operate a reduced training programme due to personnel being allocated elsewhere.
As demand increases we may conduct a third session to cater for different time zones.