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Academy Titan Training

A structured course covering all aspects of the console from basic patching through programming to networking. With so much to learn the Academy Courses are split in to two main sections. As and when users request we also run some specialty courses in HQ for more detailed applications.
A basic knowledge of DMX and moving lights is required if you wish to attend the Avolites Academy. 

Book Level 1 and Level 2 training courses together and get a  T1 or 30% off a Titan Mobile*
Book Level 1 and get a T1 for £100 OR 30% off a Titan Mobile

*For full price UK customers attending our London Head Office only.


There is an optional assessment to become an certified programmer whilst attending Level 2. Further information can be found out during level 1 but benefits include:
- The option to obtain worldwide Avolites approved certification and recognition in operating and programming the consoles.
- Have your name on our one of a kind list of recommended Avolites Titan Programmers.
- Grow and update your skills and experience with programming and operating consoles.
- Learn many new and up to date features as well as tips and tricks.
Successful completion of the Avolites Academy course gives several advantages:
A high-level understanding of Avolites Titan, increasing the opportunities for more regular and higher pay rate projects.
An understanding of where we are taking the Titan and Ai platforms in the future
An Avolites “Titan Certified Programmer” and listing on the Avolites web site – for grades 85% to 100%.
An Avolites “Titan Endorsed Programmer”– for grades 65% to 84%.
An Avolites “Titan Approved Programmer”– for grades 50% to 64%.
Students completing the course will also receive an “Attendance Certificate”