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Ai Version 11 has a whole new software protection system. Because of this current hardware will need a license update in order to allow you access to the new software, which is available via the new AvoKey. You will need to request an upgrade for the key and then an authentication process will be required in order to upgrade your existing servers/dongles from version 10 to version 11. The authentication is handled via a separate app called Authenticator.exe which is installed to Distrib/Avolites Authenticator. For more information see the Authenticator Guide.pdf

Please be aware that specifically Dell Alienware machines may not work properly with Ai software due to the Alienware Control Center (AWCC) service shipped with them.


Name Description Modified Date Size  
Ai v12.1 Ai v12.1.9.4
Release Notes
30/11/2021 517.6 MB Download
Ai v12.1 Ai v12.1.5.2
Release Notes
11/12/2020 509.9 MB Download
Ai v12 Ai v12.0.1.1
Release Notes
14/10/2019 662.9 MB Download
Ai v11 Ai v11.0.2.1
Release Notes
08/08/2019 753.8 MB Download
Ai v10.3 Release Notes 10/09/2018 476.3 MB Download
Ai v10.2 Release Notes 02/07/2018 489.4 MB Download
Ai v10.1 Release Notes 01/03/2018 500.3 MB Download
AiM Codec v1.3 Windows Installer

AIM Codec 1.3 Dedicated Windows Installer. For installation of  the Adobe CC 2019 plugins and the quicktime component

More Info
03/07/2019 1.4 MB Download
AiM Codec v1.3 (Mac OSX Manual Install)

AIM Codec 1.3 Manual OSX Components. For installation of  the Adobe CC 2019 plugins and the quicktime component.

More Info
18/09/2019 150.5 KB Download
AiM Codec v1.3 (Windows Manual Install)

AIM Codec 1.3 Manual Windows Components. For installation of  the Adobe CC 2019 plugins and the quicktime component.

More Info

03/07/2019 286.3 KB Download
Ai V10 Installer Version is fully featured, but it will flash white on all outputs every 2 min until a dongle or software licence is installed. If after installation you get a message saying MSVCP120.dll is missing, please use the installers found in Distrib/Sytem/MSVC 11/10/2017 692.6 MB Download
Ai V9.1 Installer Please also install the NDI sdk which can be downloaded for free from NDI Developers 03/02/2017 512.3 MB Download
Q3 v10.3 Recovery Creator Release Notes 25/03/2019 2.3 MB Download


Name Download
Ai v12.1 User Manual Download
Ai v12 User Manual Download
Ai v11 User Manual Download
Authenticator Guide Download
AiM Installation and Rendering Guide Download
Ai v10.2 User Manual Download
Ai v10 User Manual Download
Ai V9 Manual Download

Synergy Downloads

Name Description Modified Date Size  
Synergy Upgrade v15.0

This is an upgrade installer:
✔ Upgrade Synergy component of Ai software or server.
⚠ Requires Ai software v12.0 and above.
⚠ Synergy component only works with the matching version of Titan.

Release Notes
13/04/2021 10.4 MB Download
Synergy Upgrade v14.0
20/10/2020 10.4 MB Download
Synergy Upgrade v13.0
06/02/2020 10.1 MB Download
Synergy Upgrade v12.1
12/12/2019 10.0 MB Download

Ai Installation Tips

Version 11 has a lot of dramatic changes under the hood which means that any older projects will not work. To help in upgrading your showfiles a project importer is built into version 11. To activate it you need to copy your old project into the Distrib/Projects folder. From the Ai software go to the project browser page and load the project from here. A popup box will ask you if you want to create a new v11 project based on your old project. This process will create a whole new file and leave your old showfile unaffected. 

When installing a new version of Ai, it is advisable to either rename the existing Distrib folder or delete the Distrib folder altogether. If deleting the Distrib folder, please be sure to back up any user data in advance. Newer versions installed over the top of existing installations can create performance errors or system instability.

For help email: