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Upcoming Titan Webi

4th May  Titan V10.1 New Features
This webinar will focus on some of the new features of the latest Titan software v10.1. To find out exactly what these are, sign up!  Register here

25th May  Shapes
A detailed look at all three effect engines in Titan: Shape generator, Pixel Mapper, and Keyframe Shapes. Investigate what each one can do, and how they can be integrated into your show. Register here

1st June  Live Busking Tips
Master your live show performance with live busking tips. We’ll cover using palettes with live times, and using the new Scene Master to combine programmer and playback info before executing all together.  Get the information you need at your fingertips with custom workspace layouts, and find out more about playback options and using macros. Register here

15th June  Using the Internal Capture Visualiser
Get to grips with the new 3D visualiser, included in all Titan products.  We’ll cover positioning fixtures, render settings and previewing with Blind. Register here

22nd June  Playback options and User Settings
This webinar focuses on useful advanced features of the console.  Learn how to customise playback page behaviour, priorities, control of effects and more. Personalise the console to suit you by exploring User Settings. Register here

Please be aware that during trade shows and festival season we operate a reduced training programme due to personnel being allocated elsewhere.
As demand increases we may conduct a third session to cater for different time zones.