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Upcoming Titan Webi

6th July  Programming Blind and BPM Masters

There are times when some last minute and quick programming needs to be done, without any of it, out-putting from the console. Using Blind Mode and the latest v10.1 feature Scene Master, you can program ‘blind’ and also have states set up, ready to be outputting live. When using multiple chases it can be good to have the speed of them the same, so a BPM master can help by allowing you to control this. Register here

13th July  Importing Items from Other Shows

When working with multiple people, it is sometimes easier to import items from their show, into your own. We will go through how map fixtures to your show as well as importing items from one show to another (using the show library), such as palettes, playbacks and macros. Register here

10th August  

This webinar will focus how to use different triggers for your show. We will look at using MIDI and DMX triggering. Register here

17th August  
 Customising Values, Payback Functions and Macros

When programming it can be useful to have the desk layout and setup customised to suite your show. The webinar will focus on how to change the functions for the default playback button states, looking at useful tips on recording executor and macros buttons and customising highlight and locate values. Register here

Please be aware that during trade shows and festival season we operate a reduced training programme due to personnel being allocated elsewhere.
As demand increases we may conduct a third session to cater for different time zones.