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Upcoming Titan Webi

8th December  Starting a New Show - Patching Fixtures, Groups, Function Buttons, Internal Capture Visualiser
Starting from scratch, this will show you how to patch and edit fixtures into a new show. You will learn what groups are as well as editing those and take a look at the new internal Capture Visualiser. This webinar will help get your fixtures programmed up and running preparing you before you continue programming your show. Register here

15th December  Playbacks - Recording and Editing Cues, Fade Modes, Include, Playback Timings and Fixture Order
Having control of your playbacks is important for a show especially if you do have pages of them. This webinar will focus solely on playbacks from recording them to editing them. This will include learning about fade modes, playback timings and fixture order and overlap to get the best out of your looks. Register here

5th January  Editing Fixtures - Repatch Fixtures, Fixture Exchange, Finding a Fixture and Parking
Some useful and handy functions can be used when things don’t always go to plan, such as the need to swap fixtures from your showfile, to another type. Exchanging fixtures allows you to do this and with the tools to re patch and find fixtures, it can speed up your re programming. Register here

19th January  Programming and Busking Tips - Blind Mode, Off, Select If, Playback Window, Live Palette Timings
Once your showfile is programmed and the show is running, it can be handy to know the quick ways do live programming. These can include changing palettes, quickly programming by not outputting, viewing what is happening in your playback window and other useful functions. This webinar will help to make your programming quicker. Register here

26th January  More on Masters - Group and Rate Masters
You can create and assign many playbacks to different masters to control attributes and functions such as intensity for groups, speed and size of shapes. We will look at how to assign a group to a playback, which will allow us to control that intensity, as well as create a master to control the speed of our shape movements in playbacks. Register here

Please be aware that during trade shows and festival season we operate a reduced training programme due to personnel being allocated elsewhere.
As demand increases we may conduct a third session to cater for different time zones.