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Getting Started

Titan Tutorial Videos

Titan Training Level Two Patch List
Titan One Quick Start Guide in French

Please note, the PC suite has the following minimum system requirements:
  Recommended Specification     Minimum Specification
Processor Intel i7 2GHz Intel i5 2GHz
Memory 8GB 4GB
Graphics Card PassMark 700 (or more)
PassMark 300 (or more)
Screen 1280 x 800 Touch Screen 1280 x 800
Hard Drive Intel or SanDisk SSD
20GB + 20% free space
SSD Drive
8GB + 20% free space
Operating System    Windows 10 Windows 7 or above

Ai Tutorial Videos

The link above is to one of many useful playlists to aid your learning.

To learn how to use Ai you will also need:
The software – click HERE for a 30 day free trial
Ai Media Content:
Sample Video 1
Sample Video 2

Learn from home!

Regular Titan WEBINARS every Thursday.

View every button press with our simulator and ask questions as many questions as you need.

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