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Titan Version 10

While you wait for Titan v10 to download using the link below, please watch these videos about installation, using the new features and read through the written guide on the new features.

Click HERE for the Titan v10 New Features Guide




NameSorted By Name In Ascending OrderDownloadDescriptionManual
ACDI V1.5ACDIv1.5_Setup.exe Installing and running ACDI.pdf
Arena v10.0 Recovery CreatorArena v10.0 Recovery Creator.exeRelease Notes
FTP Download
Arkaos VJ Active Fixture PluginArkaosPlugin  
Art 2000 OS3R1 Softwareos3r1.exe art2000v3man.pdf
Avolites BIOS Update CreatorAvolites BIOS Update Creator.exe  
Avolites Titan PC Suite v10.0Avolites Titan PC Suite v10.0 Setup.exeRelease NotesTitanMobile_Man_v10.0.pdf
Avolites Winamp Plugin Setup v2AvolitesWinampPluginSetupV2.exe  
Azure Software July 2003az0603all.exe theatreman.pdf
Cache Builder V1.6Cache Builder v1.6.msi CacheBuilder.pdf
Diamond 2/3 Software Jan 2001d5101all.exe diamondman.pdf
Diamond 4 Titan v3.0 Recovery CDDiamond 4 Titan Diamond4Titan_Man_v3.0.pdf
Hippotizer V2 Active Fixture PluginHippoPlugin  
Hippotizer V3 Active Fixture  
Log CollectorLogCollector.exe
OCZ Solid 2 FirmwareAvolites OCZ Solid 2 Firmware Update Creator  
OCZ Vertex 2  
Pearl 2000/2004 Software Jan 2001 V1.2Pearl2004_v1.2.exe Pearl2004_Man270804.pdf
Pearl 2004 Simulator V1Pearl 2004 Simulator  
Pearl 2008 Software Version 1.1Pearl2008_v1.1.exeRelease NotesPearl 2008 and Tiger Manual.pdf
Pearl Expert Titan v10.0 Recovery CreatorPearl Expert Titan v10.0 Recovery Creator.exeRelease Notes
FTP Download
Personality Builder v3.0Personality Builder v3.0.msi
Quartz v10.0 Recovery CreatorQuartz v10.0 Recovery Creator.exeRelease Notes
FTP Download
Sapphire 2000 Build 5Sapphire2000Build5.exe sapphire2000man.pdf
Sapphire 96 Release 8.2sap96v82.exe sap96man.pdf
Sapphire Touch v10.0 Recovery CreatorSapphire Touch v10.0 Recovery Creator.exeRelease Notes
FTP Download
Tiger Touch v10.0 Recovery CreatorTiger Touch v10.0 Recovery Creator.exeRelease Notes
FTP Download
TitanNet Processor v10.0 Recovery CreatorTitanNet Processor v10.0 Recovery Creator.exeRelease Notes
FTP Download
USB BootloaderAvolites USB Bootloader Setup.exe  
Visualiser v7.40Vis7.40.exe
Visualiser Manual.pdf