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Name Description Size Manual
ACDI V1.5 4.2 MB Installing and running ACDI.pdf Manual
Ai v10.1 Release Notes 500.3 MB Ai v10 User Manual.pdf Manual
Arena v10.1 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 136.2 MB TitanManualV10.1.pdf Manual
Arkaos VJ Active Fixture Plugin 297.5 KB
Art 2000 OS3R1 Software 280.9 KB art2000v3man.pdf Manual
Avolites BIOS Update Creator 1.5 MB
Avolites Titan PC Suite v10.1 Release Notes 304.5 MB TitanManualV10.1.pdf Manual
Avolites Winamp Plugin Setup v2 140.6 KB
Azure Software July 2003 717.5 KB theatreman.pdf Manual
Cache Builder V1.6 250.0 KB CacheBuilder.pdf Manual
Copy 2008 37.5 KB
Diamond 2/3 Software Jan 2001 426.0 KB diamondman.pdf Manual
Diamond 4 Titan v3.0 Recovery CD 515.4 MB Diamond4Titan_Man_v3.0.pdf Manual
Hippotizer V2 Active Fixture Plugin 208.1 KB
Hippotizer V3 Active Fixture Plugin 392.3 KB
Log Collector
280.5 KB
OCZ Solid 2 Firmware 2.2 MB
OCZ Vertex 2 Firmware 20.5 MB
Pearl 2000/2004 Software Jan 2001 V1.2 528.2 KB Pearl2004_Man270804.pdf Manual
Pearl 2004 Simulator V1
Pearl 2008 Software Version 1.1 Release Notes 512.6 KB Pearl 2008 and Tiger Manual.pdf Manual
Pearl Expert Titan v10.1 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 128.5 MB TitanManualV10.1.pdf Manual
Personality Builder v3.0
2.8 MB PersonalityBuilder_QuickStartGuide.pdf Manual
Quartz v10.1 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 136.5 MB TitanManualV10.1.pdf Manual
Sapphire 2000 Build 5 498.6 KB sapphire2000man.pdf Manual
Sapphire 96 Release 8.2 220.5 KB sap96man.pdf Manual
Sapphire Touch v10.1 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 137.0 MB TitanManualV10.1.pdf Manual
Tiger Touch v10.1 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 135.8 MB TitanManualV10.1.pdf Manual
TitanNet Processor v10.1 Recovery Creator Release Notes
FTP Download
2.8 GB TitanManualV10.1.pdf Manual
USB Bootloader 1.3 MB
Visualiser v7.40
9.0 MB Visualiser Manual.pdf Manual
Web API Examples and Code Templates
6.6 MB webapi_v10b.pdf Manual