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Name Description Modified Date Size  
Tiger Touch v11.3 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 18/04/2019 109.9 MB Download
Tiger Touch v11.1 Upgrade Installer

This is an upgrade installer: 
✔ Faster install and simpler install experience, allow 2 hours
✔ Does not normally require relicensing.
✘ Does not include additional performance increases from the recovery installer.

Release Notes
17/08/2018 109.8 MB Download
Tiger Touch v11.1 Recovery Creator

This is a recovery installer:
✔ Improvements to performance, recomended for large shows
✘ Longer and more complex install process, allow 48 hours
⚠ Relicensing required, please allow 48 hours for upgrade.
⚠ Show files will be deleted, user backup of show files required.
⚠ Only one historical software version maintained

More Info  Release Notes
26/09/2018 2.3 MB Download
Tiger Touch v11.0 Recovery Creator Release Notes
FTP Download
02/05/2018 3.3 GB Download
Tiger Touch v11.0 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 08/05/2018 108.7 MB Download
Tiger Touch v10.1 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 24/03/2017 135.8 MB Download
Tiger Touch v10.0 Recovery Creator Release Notes
FTP Download
12/06/2016 2.9 GB Download
Tiger Touch v9.1 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 28/07/2015 112.7 MB Download
Tiger Touch v9.0 Recovery Creator Release Notes 29/04/2015 2.4 GB Download
Tiger Touch v8.1 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 10/12/2014 104.3 MB Download
Tiger Touch v8.0 Recovery Creator
requires V6.0 firmware updates
Alternative Download
Release Notes
03/09/2014 2.3 MB Download
Tiger Touch v8.0 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 26/08/2014 104.2 MB Download


Name Download
Titan v11.0 User Manual Download
Titan v10.1 User Manual Download
Tiger Touch v10.0 Manual Download
Tiger Touch v9.0 Manual Download
Tiger Touch v8.0 Manual Download