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Playback global settings

To add a tab in the user settings for default/global settings for playbacks. right now the text states global but there is no way to change the defaults.

Bercic Bercic
published 01/09/2018 20:43

Autoload Tracking in cuelists

to be able to track autoloads in cuelists would be nice. Similar to shape tracking. That way you could turn an autoload on and off rather than having to load it into every single cue (fx playbacks in my case)

sideshowbond sideshowbond
published 01/07/2018 21:33


Add support for MIDI through USB (for class compliant devices, so no need of driver). A lot of midi controllers are now using USB and even if the Titan Wing exists, some USB MIDI controllers are better and smaller for some needs.

Marc Marc
published 12/17/2017 19:54

Flashing playback while working in preview mode scene master

A possibility for flashing a playback (e.g. blinders) while building a new scene in preview mode would be very helpful for busking shows.

Josef Hackl Josef Hackl
published 12/22/2017 15:53

"DCA" Master as a master fader for multiple cues

It would be nice if you could define some kind of submaster, similar to DCA Groups on Sound desks. For example: I have a bunch of cues for Sunstrips with different type of effects (Pixel mapper, shapes, dimmer chases). At the Moment I use a Group master for the Sunstrips to dimm these effects. For shapes I could use a size master as well, but at the Moment a Group master is the only way to dimm all of these effects. But if I have these dimmed I am not able to flash the blinders ...

JSSound JSSound
published 12/28/2017 13:19


Bounce direction in effect generator.

Bogdan Bogdan
published 12/17/2017 10:08

Clear button

It would be great if the CLEAR button could have a new mode (similar to the MA): - First click: clean up the programmer - Second click: clean up the selection

Andras Praksch Andras Praksch
published 12/15/2017 18:56

DMX value overwrite

From time to time an option would be helpful to allow to overwrite DMX values independent of the personality file. With that you could lock in DMX values as positions, shutter or whatever. This option could be located in the Patch window, same area where you can enter Limits for certain values.  

JSSound JSSound
published 12/28/2017 13:10

Better overview about macros in show library

As the number of available macros is rapidly growing, I'd wish for a way to sort them, to get a better overview, and narrow down the search. Possible ways: by namespace of the macro id - this would give a more structured way. But I'd think of only one layer here, e.g. 'factory', 'user', 'system' by an additional tag 'tags', 'keywords' or the likes where the macro may have multiple entries, e.g.'colour chase' or 'master trigger' Maybe both can be combined, e.g. the tags can be shown top, the namespaces left (as like ...

Sebastian Beutel Sebastian Beutel
published 12/16/2017 13:12

Fixture window page editing

At the moment, if you edit one page layout in rows and columns, then the other pages will be the same. It would be nice to make modifications in every different page so in page 1 could be "rows: 5 and columns: 5" and in page 2 could be "rows:10 and columns: 7" or similar. And it will stay like this after moving to other windows in meanwhile.

Viljar Viljar
published 12/31/2017 10:38

Have incoming cues that are Follow cues colour coded as well

So you can see at a glance if you need to press go for the next one, or if the next one or series are follow ons. Eg if its a standard cue then it is dark blue as now, but if its a follow on then it could be red for instance.

Judge Judge
published 12/27/2017 11:39

integrated audio player for timecode

It would be very nice to put a tool into the titan software where it is possible to load the audio file and program cues directly in a timeline-view.

Benny Benny
published 12/27/2017 11:19

Color picker in the remote app

In some cases it would be very useful if I could set the colors of the selected fixtures with the color picker instead of the wheels.

Andras Praksch Andras Praksch
published 12/23/2017 21:22

Choose your own language for Titan

Now Titan uses the language of the installed Windows version, which in my case is Dutch, but i want to use Titan in english like i always did before. For now i'm using a little program called "Titan English" which changes the language setting in the register of Windows, before Titan starts, to use Titan in english. It would be nice to let the user choose his own language in the software.

rkeijsers rkeijsers
published 12/21/2017 09:12

Option to remove users

It is possible to add users to a show, but it is not possible to delete a user. This would be a nice feature.

rkeijsers rkeijsers
published 12/19/2017 11:20

Backwards Compatibility for Latest Release Showfiles

It would be great to be able to open a showfile that was created in a new version of Titan in an older software version. I realise that should this feature be implemented, it would only allow you to open files created from 10.X onward, however I think that this would be a very advantageous addition to Titan going forwards. On a tour earlier this year, a console running v10.1 was damaged in transit and would not boot. I could only get an immediate replacement running v9.1 and could not use my touring showfile - instead I had to throw ...

Cobain Schofield Cobain Schofield
published 12/15/2017 23:26

Remote App V9

Since V9 consoles exist and many will not go away for awhile ..  Update the Android app of V9 to work on the current android OS so it can be used again . 

Kade Behm Kade Behm
published 12/18/2017 04:19

Cue View as "real" workspace

Actually we have to open the Playback View and then touch the View Cue button to open the Cue View window. It would be quicker to be able to open the Cue View directly from the Open Workspace Window menu and add it to a custom workspace. And the Cue View would follow the active Cue from the Connected Cue List.

Marc Marc
published 12/17/2017 20:02

Tracking window

Add a separated Tracking window (accessible from the Open Workspace Window menu), where we can see all the tracked fixtures and parameters for the active Cue from the Connected Cue List.

Marc Marc
published 12/17/2017 20:03

Record fixtures mask

Add an option in the Record Softkey menu to choose between record all "recordable" fixtures or only the selected ones. Exactly the same option we can find in the Clear Softkey menu (All or Selected Fixtures). So we can record values only from some fixtures without having to clear the others.

Marc Marc
published 12/17/2017 20:05

Screen legend becomes touch buttons

Add a fifth option in the Key Profile keys list (Black Key, Blue Key, Grey Key and Touch Key) to change the behaviour of the screen legends of the playback faders so it behaves like a touch button where we can assign a Key Profile command (Go, Latch, etc.). In summary, it would act as a third button for the consoles where there are only two buttons for each fader (or a fourth for the ones where there are three buttons). And we would have the choice between having the actual behaviour (when we touch the legend it ...

Marc Marc
published 12/17/2017 20:07

Top/First Cue Key Profile

Add one "Go to the top" Key Profile function for cue lists. When this one is applied to a key and the key is pressed, it will go to the first cue.

Marc Marc
published 12/17/2017 20:08

Better MIDI Out support

Actually the only way to send MIDI Out notes is to use some complicated personalised macros. It would be nice to have a graphical way of doing this in the Triggers workspace to assign an action to a MIDI Out note. For example when I activate a playback, it sends a MIDI note. And when I release it, it sends another MIDI note. Etc.

Marc Marc
published 12/17/2017 20:00

Timecoding - Learn Timing & Inclusion of any aspect of the desk recorded in timecode

I would like to see timecoding develop to where you can fully automate a show down to the "bumps" and "stabs" you may have setup in your console being bale to have a timecode stamp attributed to them thus being able to leave to have fully automated shows played back as if you are at the desk yourself during plotting.

congodesign congodesign
published 12/07/2017 00:30

notification popup

would be nice if you could display the notes written in a cuelist. something similar like on a chamsys, where you put '!!' before the note and when you lead the cue with the note the dask light flashes for a second and a popup window displays the note text.  comes handy when the light operator in a theatre show has poor memory.

Bercic Bercic
published 12/17/2017 17:08