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Open workspace window screen

as we get more and more workspaces, the open workspace window list gets longer and longer, though it is searchable i think it would be easier if it opens a window like user settings where you have a few categories on the left like playback workspaces, palette workspaces, ... and have the workspaces inside that category on the right.

Nijs Jonas Nijs Jonas
published 12/06/2017 15:04
  • System

endorsed by
  • Michael Edwards
  • Fairlight Menno
  • sideshowbond
  • Andrew Jones
  • Cobain Schofield
  • Andras Praksch
  • PJ
  • Danny Middelburg
  • Marc
  • Juan Camilo Triana
  • Taos Artwork
  • James Mitchell
  • svolo
  • Kade Behm
  • JamesR
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replied 12/15/2017 12:43

anything to make workspaces a bit more clearly arranged. I have requested a pop up window that pops up when you tap into an empty space on the screen that lists all workspaces

Gregory Haynes
replied 12/15/2017 13:12

when you tap into an empty space on the screen that lists all workspaces

To clarify do you mean a list of all workspace shortcuts which open one or more windows arranged in different positions, these are commonly referred to as workspaces? Or do you mean a list of workspace windows i.e. the same list that appears in the Open Workspace Window menu, I would normally refer to this as a window for short?

replied 12/15/2017 19:44

Windows for that matter

replied 12/15/2017 20:10

Personally I'm not entirely convinced about having a separate window of workspace windows.  It doesn't seem like the sort of thing you would want taking up space on the screen.  I can certainly see an argument for a workspace shortcuts window though.

I wonder whether the solution to workspace windows (at least in part) might be to split them into sub-categories in a similar way to playback options.  Which would prompt the question what categories?  Palettes are fairly obvious,  Maybe Channel Grid/ Intensity View/ DMX View in another.  Beyond that I'm unsure.  If this was done it would presumably come with the compromise of not being able to search across all the window options.  A pop-out menu system could be nice too but I think you would want access to this even if you didn't have any empty spaces.

replied 12/15/2017 20:36

As much as I hate to say but again it is worth having a look at MA and Hog. Both have a pop up window from which you can choose which window to open which is a quick and easy way to create workspaces. I personally don't mind not being able to access this window once my screen is fully loaded with windows as you still got shortcuts to the most important ones (which MA for instance has not)

Cobain Schofield
replied 12/15/2017 20:39

What if you could group Workspaces in a single Workspace box on-screen? I'm thinking along the lines of apps on phones and tablets ( so you can press a group Workspace and a small popup box appears containing all the Workspaces within that group? That would save you opening a whole new window just to select another workspace. I am thinking if you are busking, it's quite a clunky way to get from one Workspace to another if you have to go via a whole new workspace?

replied 12/16/2017 08:47

workspaces should stay as they are. 12 buttons for 12 window configurations. But add another window that basically contains shortcuts to all other windows (logically grouped would be nice not a must) which would open if you touch an empty area on your screen or with a shortcut (Open+Open maybe?) as this is gonna be a lot quicker than going through the softkey menu and for real quick access to the most important ones you still have the shortcut (Open+XYZ).

The grouped workspaces like on tablets is not an idea I can get behind for the moment.

Last Activity 12/16/2017 11:04