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Having Trigger Mapping states shown in a workspace window

Using DMX IN or MIDI Mapping, it has to be done from System/Triggers... OK

When you have mapped your effect you can turn them on or off in this window, but you are in System and not Live.

Thanks to Sebastian Beutel we now have Macros to toggle these switches, but no way to monitor the state without going into System/Triggers again.

I would like to see a Mapping window in a Workspace showing the states of the vairous Mappings created to see if they are Enabled or not.

They could also then be switched  by touching just as all the other contents such as Palettes or Groups

Steve Gray Steve Gray
published 01/19/2018 15:06
  • Macros
  • System
  • Triggers

endorsed by
  • Connor Faulder
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