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Backwards Compatibility for Latest Release Showfiles

It would be great to be able to open a showfile that was created in a new version of Titan in an older software version. I realise that should this feature be implemented, it would only allow you to open files created from 10.X onward, however I think that this would be a very advantageous addition to Titan going forwards.

On a tour earlier this year, a console running v10.1 was damaged in transit and would not boot. I could only get an immediate replacement running v9.1 and could not use my touring showfile - instead I had to throw a quick busk show together and go with that until I could get my hands on a proper replacement.

Chamsys has absolute compatibility across it's entire MagicQ software history - older software simply disregards new features that it doesn't recognise in the showfile. In a touring showfile, such absent features can be easily worked around by replacing them with something different - a much better alternative to busking a potentially very complex show. 

Cobain Schofield Cobain Schofield
published 12/15/2017 23:26
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  • Light_mat
  • KarelB
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Kade Behm
replied 12/18/2017 15:15

The problem here is not that shows can't go back .. it's that the old consoles can't go forward.

The time spent and I'm sure ultimately compromises made are not worth it when newer consoles can be simply rebooted to older versions of titan if the version they have is too new. 

This will not solve the old consoles that can't go above 9 problem tho. 

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