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Name Description Modified Date Size  
Quartz v11.4 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 20/08/2019 110.7 MB Download
Quartz v11.3 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 18/04/2019 110.6 MB Download
Quartz v11.2 Recovery Creator

This is a recovery installer:
✔ Improvements to performance, recomended for large shows
✘ Longer and more complex install process, allow 48 hours
⚠ Relicensing required, please allow 48 hours for upgrade.
⚠ Show files will be deleted, user backup of show files required.
⚠ Only one historical software version maintained

More Info  Release Notes
22/03/2019 2.4 MB Download
Quartz v11.1 Upgrade Installer

This is an upgrade installer, there is not currently a recovery installer for this version: 
✔ Faster install and simpler install experience, allow 2 hours
✔ Does not normally require relicensing.
✘ Does not include additional performance increases from the recovery installer.

Release Notes
17/08/2018 110.5 MB Download
Quartz v11.0 Recovery Creator Release Notes
FTP Download
02/05/2018 3.1 GB Download
Quartz v11.0 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 08/05/2018 109.4 MB Download
Quartz v10.1 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 24/03/2017 136.5 MB Download
Quartz v10.0 Recovery Creator Release Notes
FTP Download
12/06/2016 2.7 GB Download
Quartz v9.1 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 28/07/2015 113.7 MB Download
Quartz v9.0 Recovery Creator Release Notes 23/04/2015 2.4 GB Download
Quartz v8.1 Upgrade Installer Release Notes 10/12/2014 105.3 MB Download
Quartz v8.0 Recovery Creator Release Notes 23/09/2014 2.1 GB Download


Name Download
Titan v11.0 User Manual Download
Titan v10.1 User Manual Download
Quartz v10.0 Manual Download
Quartz v9.0 Manual Download
Quartz v8.0 Manual Download