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Name Description Modified Date Size  
Ai v10.2 Release Notes 03/07/2018 489.4 MB Download
Ai v10.1 Release Notes 04/06/2018 500.3 MB Download
AiM Codec The truly revolutionary AiM Codec. A cross platform Quicktime codec available exclusively to Ai users at no additional cost for use in any Quicktime capable application. 11/09/2014 144.4 KB Download
Ai V10 Installer Version is fully featured, but it will flash white on all outputs every 2 min until a dongle or software licence is installed. If after installation you get a message saying MSVCP120.dll is missing, please use the installers found in Distrib/Sytem/MSVC 11/10/2017 692.6 MB Download
Ai V9.1 Installer Please also install the NDI sdk which can be downloaded for free from NDI Developers 03/02/2017 512.3 MB Download


Name Download
Ai v10.2 User Manual Download
Ai v10 User Manual Download
Ai V9 Manual Download

Ai Installation Tips

Ai v10.2 has had a significant redesign on the control elements of the System. This includes the System Settings, Layer Controller and Layer parameters. Because of this, it means that projects built in previous versions will not work in 10.2. It is advisable to start again from scratch and import the necessary elements when considering rebuilding show files. As always if any guidance is needed then we are here to help.

For help email: