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Avolites at Shout Out with Youths – Chong Ching Starry Sky Musical Festival in Taiwan

28 March 2017

The purpose of ‘Shout Out with Youths – Chong Ching Starry Sky Musical Festival’ was to enrich cultural life among the public and among the community. Based on this belief, four large scale organisations across China and Taiwan came together to bring this big calibre event to the public and to also promote Chong Ching Central Park in Taiwan.


For this big profile event, Warship was called in to provide assistance in propelling these ideas to reality. Warship is a production company which has been around since 1985, coordinating and completing thousands of activities with this being one of their latest shows. They provided all the sound and lighting equipment with their lighting designer, Hsu Li Ling choosing an Avolites Sapphire Touch as the console to control this show.


The festival itself is based on the format of previous festivals across the country which includes Taiwan Spring Scream Festival in Kenting and Kong Liao International Ocean Music Festival with the idea of using music as a way to express ideas and to bring together people of the country. The ideology included pursuing peace, kindness, and freedom by embracing the music and fashion in daily life. Many big names were invited to perform at this show including Tiger Huang, Linda Wen, Zhenyue Zhang, Gary Chaw, and Steve Wong Ka Keung which covers everthing from classic ballads, rock and roll to pop. Hsu Li Ling  says “ I’ve been using Avolites for many years now.



The Pearl Expert was the very first console I’ve used with the Sapphire being the latest addition to our armoury. I have been using this Sapphire for the past two years now and it’s never failed me for the show’s I’ve used it for. One of the most commonly used features by me is the extremely easy to use and yet powerful, Key Frame Shapes which allows me to create simple looks to more complex effects as I wish”