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An Interview with Marillion LD Yenz Nyholm

08 December 2016

Photo Alan Ward

Avo: How long have you been an LD?
Yenz: I’ve been dabbling since 1986...and even had a few little jobs in Denmark in the 90’s, but I didn’t know what I was doing back then, and lost interest until I started seriously in 2002.

Avo: What got you into the industry?
Yenz: I’m a drummer, but I was always interested in the lighting side of a performance, so I would be the one that put coloured bulbs in the lights when we had a gig. In 2002 when I had moved to London I started to work as local crew. I met Bryan Leitch at a Coldplay gig, he offered me some work as a lampy....and I’ve never looked back.

Avo: What made you choose Avolites?
Yenz: My first training was on a Pearl, and it just came so naturally to me, so I stayed loyal to Avo.

Photo: Alan Ward

Avo: How long have you been using Avolites?
Yenz: I’ve been hooked on Avolites since way back in 2001, when I first met the team at the PLASA show in London.

Avo: Which products do you usually use and why?
Yenz: I always have my Titan Mobile with me because I can just throw it in my laptop bag, but any Avolites desk will do because their OS, Titan runs across their whole range so I can easily swop between consoles. I regularly use the Tiger Touch II, Tiger Touch Pro and Sapphire Touch, depending on the show and can move between them seamlessly. The Mobile is great for, well being Mobile, so any time I fly out to a show I’ll bring that. The Tiger Touch II and Pro are great little desks, and along with my Titan Mobile Wing they have everything I need. I find that the Sapphire Touch is great for big arena shows, where you might need a lot of faders.

Avo: Do you ever network in any consoles as back up/multi user?
Yenz: If I can have two desks, I’ll network them in back up/multi-user. I don’t always have a spare available or have space, but I know I can rely on Avolites’ products when it matters. On bigger shows when I need extra universes I’ll use a Titan Net Processor, but on smaller shows I just use a bog standard switcher.

Photo: Alan Ward

Avo: How long have you been working with Marillion and how did it come about?
Yenz: I have been with Marillion for 14 years. I was a big fan in the 80s, so when I saw my friend was working with them as LD (Steve Finch), I asked for a guest pass. That turned into being lampy, the replacement LD, and when Steve retired from touring in 2005 I took over as their full LD.

Avo: What other significant events/tours have you worked on in your career?
Yenz: At present my bands are Level42, Tom Bailey, Howard Jones, Transatlantic, Neal Morse. I also work on award shows such as The Asian Achievers Awards, Britasia Awards, as well as corporate events and weddings. 
In the past I have worked with Adele, the Ting Tings, Jack Penate, Cooper Temple Clause, and Nine Black Alps among others.

Avo: Can you give me an overview of your lighting design - did you have a detailed brief or were you given relative free reign to dream up your own?
Yenz: For the Marillion tour my lighting design is governed by the videos. All content is made prior to the tour, and I have to fit my design around it. I was also constricted by the venues we played, and the fact that we tour all over the world and play 500 seater clubs all the way up to 60,000 festivals, so I have to design something that will fit into all of this. As far as actual programming, I now have total control; the band trusts me, and give me free reign.

Photos: Alan Ward

Avo: Which features of the console specifically make your life easier?
Yenz: The size of my Titan Mobile and how easy it is to carry around is great; it’s a very practical but powerful thing and allows me total flexibility. As far as the Titan software is concerned, the fixture exchange is by far the best feature when you tour a show into clubs.
 Another great feature is the layout, and the cuelists. The fact you can edit any cue in any cue list from anywhere without having to load or update...just make your look and double click the cue...done!!

Avo: What were the main elements of the lighting rig?
Yenz: My normal design for Marillion features projection, and loads of beams to cut through the bright images.

Is there a supplier you use regularly to hire Avolites products from?
SIYAN LTD are my main hire house

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