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Avolites Sapphire Touch Controls Bold Lighting for Frank Turner's Arena Tour

17 March 2014

UK - Popular folk-punk singer Frank Turner has taken Europe by storm with an energetic arena tour featuring bold, atmospheric lighting controlled by Avolites' Sapphire Touch console.

Lighting Designer Shaun Moore utilised the Sapphire Touch's dual wide screens and intuitive layout functionality to provide him with easy access to and integration of all the fixtures in the extensive rig.


"With the console giving the user full freedom to define the layout, I am able to create windows of fixture type, and then fixtures per song," says Moore. "This makes finding fixtures within the interface a breeze. Also, each song is programmed as a cue stack and there are no more than four faders per song, which is amazing as it makes running the show stress-free, allowing me to enjoy my work.


"I just love everything about the console. With each software update it makes my every-day use easier and easier. I have used other consoles and they just seem to make it harder to achieve what I need to in the time given. I don't think I'll ever move away from Avolites - it's the only console I ever specify. A Tiger Touch II, Pearl Expert Pro or Sapphire Touch and I'm happy."


A long-time fan of Avolites technology, Moore has been using the products since 2002, due to their reliability, ease of use and dedicated technical support.


"The technical support from Avolites is second to none," enthuses Moore. "Any issues are resolved instantly and any ideas I have for improvements they will look into and add. It is like dealing with my good friends. They also even drop you a courtesy email or text now and then just to see how you are and what you're up to."


Frank Turner's O2 arena gig in February was Moore's biggest ever arena headline show on an arena tour that has taken in Cardiff, Nottingham and Manchester Arenas. The Sapphire Touch enabled him to cope with this increase in size of venue and rig, and gain a new fan in Turner, with the singer praising Moore's Sapphire Touch-driven lighting design.


"Personally, I'm not that involved in the nuts and bolts of lighting design - it's not something I know masses about," says Frank Turner. "However, I have strong ideas about the overall mood of the show and the presentation - I like designs that are striking but not overbearing, that maintain the connection between me and the crowd. The best designs highlight the music and bring people into the show. Shaun is the best LD I've worked with by far - he listens closely to the ideas I have, throws in a tonne of his own, then busies himself making them into reality. He's always the first to ask for the setlist and is always tinkering - truly dedicated to his craft, and an essential member of my crew."


Frank Turner's tour continues this year throughout Europe, with several festival performances this summer.

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Frank Turner 2 (1)
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