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Exclude Playback from grand master

A possiblity to exclude certain playbacks from grand master would be fine. Perhaps via setting a playback option"ignore grand master" or setting priority higher then grand master.

Josef Hackl Josef Hackl
published 12/22/2017 15:50
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endorsed by
  • Sebastian Beutel
  • die.gegenlicht.front
  • Fabian Spitzer
  • Taos Artwork
  • jst10
  • tom jones
  • Jean François Dejonghe
  • youri377
  • Zwanenburg
  • luciolis
  • Dominic Burkhardt
  • MBMB
  • Nicolas Campbell
  • joervriezen
  • RobinLotze
  • svolo
  • Bercic
  • Joseph Fellows
  • Trev
  • Andrew
  • Neal Kerr
  • ivannn
  • mbs4298
  • matteocacco
  • Govert van Westing
  • Andras Praksch
  • charlotte
  • te kloese
  • JFuste
  • rkeijsers
  • yourigidding
  • rojas
  • Drama King
  • Daniel
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Kade Behm
replied 01/15/2018 01:08

Can I ask  why freeze fixture/ attribute doesn't work in this case ?

replied 01/19/2018 10:03

I think one use case would be that you still want to be able to control the intensity (natively by fader).  But you don't want it to be affected by the grand master.

Sebastian Beutel
replied 01/02/2018 11:15

I have already been asked this a couple of times, and currently the only way to acchieve a functionality like this is a number of group masters, and disabling the grand master alltogether.

Scenarios are always involving active use of the grand master (used to if from larger consoles), and some specials which you also want to actively control, but independent from the GM (so that you can fade out everything EXCEPT the specials):

  • audience lights
  • a mirror ball, or the lights on it
  • haze/fog machines (yes, I am one of the old style guys who likes to patch those as dimmers)


replied 01/02/2018 10:51

Please could you elaborate on what you want to actually achieve with this feature. It is unlikely we would implement this as you describe but I feel there may be functionality here that is required. Can you please give scenarios that help us understand what you are trying to achieve with this feature.

Josef Hackl
replied 01/04/2018 08:30

Ambient light, logo beamer etc. which should not be dark while i need a black out/fade out on stage

replied 01/19/2018 09:28

We also have this quite often:

room light, Hazer etc.

replied 01/24/2018 11:36

There are often moments in songs where I want to black out all the lights and then use the blinders or strobe. There might be a short pause before the blinders/strobe, or a pause afterwards, or I might use one, pause then the other. etc.. This means I can't include the blackout in the strobe / blinder playback.

The way I achieve this at the moment is by creating a group master which contains all lights except the blinders/strobe. This is then my "grand master". I have no use of the actual grand master.

This is great apart from a couple of drawbacks:
If I patch in more lights, I have to apply them to the grand master
I have a wasted fader on my console. It would be far better for my group master to be where the grand master is.


Also, who wan't their hazer to be on the grand master?

replied 04/10/2018 20:39

This would be very good when having fixtures powered by DMX-switches..

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