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DMX value overwrite

From time to time an option would be helpful to allow to overwrite DMX values independent of the personality file.

With that you could lock in DMX values as positions, shutter or whatever.

This option could be located in the Patch window, same area where you can enter Limits for certain values.


JSSound JSSound
published 12/28/2017 13:10
  • System

endorsed by
  • Sebastian Beutel
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Sebastian Beutel
replied 01/02/2018 11:23

To elaborate/clarify: this would be particularly useful as something like a 'native raw dmx range' which would be added by Titan to each fixture independently from the personality. Frequently we run into problems with poorly documented ranges that e.g. shutter open is implemented as range 0..10 or 240...255 which is correct as for the manual (and in fact makes for 5 resp 248 when used), but the fixture would rather require a fixed 0 or 255. Hence, a native raw range which is independent from the personality would greatly help in such cases.

The additional overwrite of positions etc. is just an added bonus.

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