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The T2 is our brand new entry level product with new and improved capabilities. 

The T2 allows access to the full Titan PC Suite with features including Synergy, Key Frame Shapes and advanced pixel mapping as well the highly requested USB Midi control; it can also be used as an LTC Timecode input with any console where this is not already built in.



  • 2 universes of DMX
  • USB Midi Control
  • Supports Titan Mobile Fader Wing
  • LTC Timecode In
  • Avokey included
  • Touch screen support
Dimensions (CmS):
Net weight:

PC Requirements

To use Titan on a PC here are the recommended and minimum specifications you will need on the computer.

Recommended Specification Minimum Specification
Processor Intel i7 2GHz Intel i5 2GHz
Memory 8GB 4GB
Screen PassMark 700 or more PassMark 300 or more
Hard Drive Intel or SanDisk SSD
20GB + 20% free space
SSD Drive
8GB + 20% free space
Operating System Windows 10 1 Windows 7 or above 1

When running on a computer with less than the recommended specification, the software may not run as well or as fluidly as it is supposed to. Note that the performance will vary depending on the number of fixtures patched and the number of running playbacks.

1 Tested on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows 8 and Windows 10 including 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Please ensure that all applicable updates have been installed. Windows XP, Windows Vista and virtual machines, e.g. VMware, are not supported.


The TitanOne product is exclusively supported via the Avolites forum. This forum benefits from the vast array of knowledge in the Avolites community and will be monitored by Avolites staff.

Please do not contact Avolites directly via email or phone with queries relating to TitanOne. We may not be able to respond. The fastest and most efficient way to receive support on this product is through the forum.


Name Download
Titan v11.0 User Manual Download
Titan v10.1 User Manual Download
Titan Mobile and Titan One v10.0 Manual Download
Titan Mobile and Titan One v9.0 Manual Download
Titan Mobile and Titan One v8.0 Manual Download
Titan One Quick Start Guide Download

Titan Simulator Licensing

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