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Infinity RX Series

The multi-award winning Ai Infinity server is the perfect choice for your most demanding video projects. The RX4 and RX8 have programmable, EDID managed, WUXGA (1920x1200) outputs. Each is digitally amplified to give you a preview and production output over DVI. The back has in addition to the 4 or 8 DVI output pairs, the following outlets: LTC timecode input, 2 x Gigabit Network ports for connecting to Artnet networks, MIDI in & out ports, 4 lines of DMX512, Audio in and output, Genlock - essential for TV projects, and 2 x sync network connections to guarantee vertical sync across multiple systems.

The front 7 inch colour touch screen shows the Ai 3D visualiser, this gives you networked control of your whole show from one integrated and intuitive interface, no matter how many outputs you need.

The RX Range utilises an i7 processor with 6 cores running at 3.5Ghz. 16 Gbyte of memory and a fast 80GB System SSD. The Media content is contained on a 1TB PCIe NVMe Content drive. The workstation grade motherboard is housed in a purpose made suspension frame inside the 19” 4U height rack case.

The Ai R4 and R8 offer 4 and 8 display port/DVI outputs and up to 12 layers and 8 outputs depending on project configuration, with top spec, fully featured Miami licences.

Hardware includes the latest generation motherboards supporting PCI-Express Generation 3.0, AMD Gen 3 Graphics Cards and an Intel PCIe SSD module with 1.2TB capacity.

Ai R4 & R8 servers offer MIDI Timecode inputs and supports ArtNet and CK Ki-Net output protocols.

Ai R4 & R8 features:
  • Smooth playback of up to 8K media using the AiM Codec
  • Up to 4 or 8 full 1080p HD outputs
  • Soft-edge blending of multiple projectors
  • Timeline, Timecode Sequencer
  • Support for 3D displays
  • Build and create in the 3D Stage Visualiser
  • Remote vertex adjustment
  • Map and warp onto any 3D surface
  • Videomap onto any moving scenery
  • Intuitive modular LED support
  • Configure multiple systems as Master or Slaves
  • Internet and iPad remote control (via VNC)
  • Salvation node based engine
  • Supplied pre-installed with an extensive Media Library of 320 HD AiM clips
Capture input options:
  • Pro 1: 1x DVI/VGA input
  • Pro 2: 2x HD/SDI inputs
  • Studio 2+1: 1xDVI/VGA and 2x HD/SDI*
  • Studio 4: 4x HD/SDI inputs*

Ai Infinity RX4 & Infinity RX8 features (Additional to R-Series):

  • Internal EDID Management for each output
  • Hot swappable rear DVI connections
  • Integrated front panel touch screen interface
  • Genloc Camera Sync (option on RX4, Standard on RX8)
  • LTC Timecode Input
  • 4 DMX outputs
For best image quality and performance, we recommend the use of progressive format input signals. Interlaced format signals are supported but can result in visual artefacts or image degradation due to the nature of the legacy techniques used in this method of frame delivery. When no other option is available, running a progressive feed at a lower resolution can often result in less unexpected processing or temporal artefacts.

Dry Server Only Packed in a Peli Case
Dimensions (mm): See below 78 x 55 x 39
Weights: 26-30Kg* 28-32Kg*

*Depending on options selected

(Dimensions shown are in mm)

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