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Infinity R Series


The multi-award winning Ai Infinity server is the perfect choice for your most demanding video projects.  The R Series offers flexibility.  As standard the real panel includes 2 x Gigabit Network ports for connecting to Artnet networks, MIDI in & out ports Audio in and output, and 2 x sync network connections to guarantee vertical sync across multiple systems.The R4 and the R8 can be customised with the following components: LTC timecode input, 4 lines of DMX512, Genlock - essential for TV projects.

The R Range utilises an i7 processor with 6 cores running at 3.5Ghz. 16 Gbyte of memory and a fast 80GB System SSD. The Media content is contained on a 1TB PCIe NVMe Content drive. The workstation grade motherboard is housed in a purpose made suspension frame inside the 19” 4U height rack case.

Avolites Ai Media Servers Enable Miami-Based DMDs7udios To Power Through A Wide Range Of Complex Projection-Mapping Projects

MIAMI, Florida - August 2016 -- From the inside of a DJ-fueled dance party to the outside of an awe-inspiring, massive new museum, Avolites Ai media servers have the power to transform interior and exterior spaces to meet the technical and emotional needs of any project. DMDs7udios, the Miami-based leading user of Avolites Ai media servers in the US, has deployed Ai S8 and R8 media servers on a number of recent projects that underscore Ai’s power and flexibility. 

Using Avolites Ai media serves, DMDs7udios created unique looks for each artist performing at this year’s Billboard Latin Music Awards broadcast live via the NBC Universal/Telemundo network

Annually celebrating the best in Latin music, the
Billboard Latin Music Awards once again turned to DMDs7udios this year to provide media screen direction, programming, content, and media server services for an amazingly complex set design by Telemundo’s Scenery Department that included Ultra HD video surfaces and a wide variety of LED technologies. Using six active Ai media servers, DMDs7udios was able to provide 24 physical video outputs that DMDs7udios Principal Scott Chmielewski says gave his team the creative options they needed to quickly create highly individual and unique looks for each artist’s performance without missing a beat on this fast-paced show, which was broadcast live via the NBC Universal/Telemundo network.

“There were so many artists and a very short time to rehearse them all and program the lighting, and the Avolites Ai media servers gave us what we needed in terms of content manipulation and output configurations,” Chmielewski explains. “Even slight changes in each performance could require changes in the programming, but Ai let us build, update  and fix things on the fly. That kind of speed and power translates into incredible creativity.”

Four Ai media servers were recently used by DMDs7udios to map the exterior of the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture with 24 projectors during a preview event

The Smithsonian’s new
National Museum of African American History and Culture is scheduled to open to the public September 24 as a primary exhibition space for African American history and culture as well as a centerpiece venue for ceremonies and performances. During a preview event of the 400,000-square-foot, $540 million building situated on a five-acre tract adjacent to the Washington Monument, DMDs7udios provided projection-mapping services that immersed the entire building in images that portrayed 150 years of African-American history.

The event utilized four Ai media servers to map the entire building with 24 projectors provided by ScreenWorks for high-resolution (4K+) content producer Quixotic, using every output of the Ai servers nearly simultaneously.

“This was a very large-scale project, and the timeframe we needed to accomplish covering the thousands of architectural and geometric points was very tight,” observes Chmielewski. “Ai’s Autoblend technology leveled the field of this complexity, however, and enabled us to stay on schedule.”

Ai’s edge-blending capability assured that the mapping covered every aspect of the structure quickly and efficiently in what Chmielewski estimates would have taken four to five times longer without. An anecdote that underlines Ai’s considerable power reveals that when one of the projection towers was accidentally bumped the night before the next evening’s event—the last time any adjustments could be made before morning—the projector was refocused quickly and accurately using Ai’s software tools. “That’s not something that we could have done with any other media server,” he says.

DMDs7udios relied on Avolites Ai media servers to perform precise pixel mapping and remote control for The Rockwell Modern Tavern’s numerous wall “shatters”

Baltimore music venue
The Rockwell Modern Tavern now has as much to look at as it does to listen to. The performance club’s 70’-foot-long, exposed-brick walls are covered with dozens of complex and irregularly shaped projection surfaces that Chmielewski aptly refers to as “shatters.” These custom-made projection surfaces are each eight to ten feet tall and between six and 18 inches wide, and spaced so that projected images seem to fit exactly on their dimensions without spilling over onto the walls. That’s because they do—the incredibly precise mapping capability on the singular Ai media servers using all eight outputs used in this installation allows each shatter to be exactly illuminated, creating an immersive, 3D visual effect as over 100 very high resolution (14K X 1080) scenes change constantly.

“Any imprecise mapping would produce visibly negative results,” he says. “Ai gave us the ability to map each shard perfectly.” In addition, Ai allows DMDs7udios to remotely monitor and update the content of the projected images. Using a web cam mounted in the club, they can visibly check on the system’s performance, and using a network connection they can send new content to the media server. For instance, when Prince passed away in May, DMDs7udios was able to send a visual “playlist” of images that were projected in a tribute to the late artist. 

“Avolites’ Ai media servers are a core foundation for our media server services at DMDs7udios,” says Chmielewski, noting that the company has just moved into a new facility with design and previz capabilities in Miami Beach. “We have the largest inventory of Ai servers in North America, and we couldn’t do most of what we can without it.”

For more information on DMDs7udios, visit


Name Description Modified Date Size  
Ai v11 Release Notes 07/06/2019 990.3 MB Download
Ai v10.3 Release Notes 10/09/2018 476.3 MB Download
Ai v10.2 Release Notes 02/07/2018 489.4 MB Download
Ai v10.1 Release Notes 01/03/2018 500.3 MB Download
AiM Codec v1.2 Windows Installer

AIM Codec 1.2 Dedicated Windows Installer. For installation of  the Adobe CC 2019 plugins and the quicktime component.

More Info
12/11/2018 1.4 MB Download
AiM Codec v1.2 (Mac OSX Manual Install)

AIM Codec 1.2 Manual OSX Components. For installation of  the Adobe CC 2019 plugins and the quicktime component.

More Info
15/11/2018 150.1 KB Download
AiM Codec v1.2 (Windows Manual Install)

AIM Codec 1.2 Manual Windows Components. For installation of  the Adobe CC 2019 plugins and the quicktime component.

More Info

12/11/2018 224.8 KB Download
Ai V10 Installer Version is fully featured, but it will flash white on all outputs every 2 min until a dongle or software licence is installed. If after installation you get a message saying MSVCP120.dll is missing, please use the installers found in Distrib/Sytem/MSVC 11/10/2017 692.6 MB Download
Ai V9.1 Installer Please also install the NDI sdk which can be downloaded for free from NDI Developers 03/02/2017 512.3 MB Download
Q3 v10.3 Recovery Creator Release Notes 25/03/2019 2.3 MB Download


Name Download
Ai v11 User Manual Download
Authenticator Guide Download
AiM Installation and Rendering Guide Download
Ai v10.2 User Manual Download
Ai v10 User Manual Download
Ai V9 Manual Download

Ai Installation Tips

Version 11 has a lot of dramatic changes under the hood which means that any older projects will not work. To help in upgrading your showfiles a project importer is built into version 11. To activate it you need to copy your old project into the Distrib/Projects folder. From the Ai software go to the project browser page and load the project from here. A popup box will ask you if you want to create a new v11 project based on your old project. This process will create a whole new file and leave your old showfile unaffected.

For help email:

The Ai R4 and R8 offer 4 and 8 DisplayPort outputs and up to 12 layers and 8 outputs depending on project configuration, with top spec, fully featured Miami licences.

Hardware includes the latest generation motherboards supporting PCI-Express Generation 3.0, AMD Gen 3 Graphics Cards and an Intel PCIe SSD module with 1.2TB capacity.

Ai R4 & R8 servers offer MIDI Timecode inputs and supports ArtNet and CK Ki-Net output protocols.

Ai R4 & R8 features:
  • Smooth playback of up to 8K media using the AiM Codec
  • Up to 4 or 8 full 1080p HD outputs
  • Soft-edge blending of multiple projectors
  • Timeline, Timecode Sequencer
  • Build and create in the 3D Stage Visualiser
  • Remote vertex adjustment
  • Map and warp onto any 3D surface
  • Videomap onto any moving scenery
  • Intuitive modular LED support
  • Configure multiple systems as Master or Slaves
  • Salvation node based engine
  • Supplied pre-installed with an extensive Media Library of 320 HD AiM clips
Capture input options:
  • 1x DVI input
  • 2x DVI inputs
  • 2x 3G-SDI inputs
  • 4x 3G-SDI inputs

Additional Options:

  • Genlock Camera Sync
  • LTC Timecode Input
  • 4 DMX outputs
For best image quality and performance, we recommend the use of progressive format input signals. Interlaced format signals are supported but can result in visual artefacts or image degradation due to the nature of the legacy techniques used in this method of frame delivery. When no other option is available, running a progressive feed at a lower resolution can often result in less unexpected processing or temporal artefacts.

Dry Server Only Packed in a Peli Case
Dimensions (mm): See below 78 x 55 x 39
Weights: 26-30Kg* 28-32Kg*

*Depending on options selected

(Dimensions shown are in mm)

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