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Pearl Tiger

Pearl Tiger

Avolites launched its popular series of pearl consoles, the Pearl Tiger.

The Pearl Tiger is a powerful, streamlined 10 roller playback version of Avo’s famous and most popular ’live’ lighting console.

It offers everything the LD, programmer or operator needs for quick and easy programming of small to medium sized shows …. with all the power, ease of use and versatility of a full sized Pearl.

The Pearl Tiger is equally suited for small theatres, conferences, schools & colleges, small to medium scale productions or production companies, tours, venues and nightclubs.

It’s small footprint, powerful functionality, familiar operating system, together with the ability to carry it under your arm make it the ideal choice for jobs having a quick setup limited rehearsal time and where the operator needs to be in full control for last minute changes.

The Pearl Tiger is fully show compatible with Pearl 2004, 2008 and Pearl Expert (when booted in classic mode) and shows can effortlessly be loaded and swapped between these consoles.

  • Offers all the Pearl features including Theatre Playback, Timecode, MIDI triggers, etc.
  • 2,048 channels to 240 moving lights on 4 isolated DMX outputs
  • 10 playback submasters, expandable to 15 with external playback wing
  • Full personality library in the console, with free updates on website
  • Can Save multiple shows instantly to internal USB flash disk or external USB memory stick
  • Can Load or Save any Pearl show
  • Supplied with colour LCD VGA screen
  • Tiger footprint – 67cm by 48cm by 14cm or 30cm with VGA screen
  • Tiger weight – 13 Kg
Console technical specifications
Console Only Console in Flight case Console packed in Flight case
Dimensions (mm): 675 x 435 x 145 750 x 620 x 300 750 x 620 x 300
Weights: 13.15Kg 27.35Kg 29.65Kg

Pearl Tiger Technical drawing 


Name Description Modified Date Size  
Pearl 2008 Software Version 1.1 Release Notes 09/09/2013 512.6 KB Download
Copy 2008 24/07/2013 37.5 KB Download


 TitleDescriptionModified DateSize 
Pearl 2008/2010/Tiger Manual 25/02/20112.72 MBDownload
Upgrade Procedure 25/02/201114.60 KBDownload
User Curve Example 25/02/201115.24 KBDownload
Pearl Roller Cover 25/02/20119.96 KBDownload

License Software

Code PDF Title
detail ECN-0191 ECN-0191.pdf Dongle Connection Point Change
detail ECN-0189 & 190 ECN-0189and190.pdf Mobile Fader noise and ref Voltage change
detail ECN-0188 ECN-0188.pdf Pearl Expert Touch Wing LED flicker
detail ECN-0186 ECN-0186.pdf Diamond 4 Video Drivers when using Commell LV677 motherboard
detail ECN-0185 ECN-0185.pdf Pearl Expert Hub USB input connector fixing
detail ECN-0184 ecn-0184.pdf Pearl Expert DMX Earth Connection
detail ECN-0180 ecn-0180.pdf Pearl 2008 BUM PCB Earth Link Connection
detail ECN-0164 ecn-0164.pdf Diamond 4 - EZ DMX Reset
detail ECN-0163 ecn-0163.pdf Diamond 4 - EZ DMX Power Modification
detail ECN-0159 ECN-0159.pdf Diamond 4 CPU fan bracket
detail ECN-0158 ECN-0158.pdf Diamond 4 LBA modifications
detail ECN-0157 ECN-0157.pdf Diamond 4 Motherboard Reset Cable
detail ECN-0155 ECN-0155.pdf Diamond 4 PSU Earth cable
detail ECN-0154 ECN-0154.pdf ART2000 T2 and T4 J1/J2 connector mating
detail ECN-0152 ECN-0152.pdf Running Hi-End Intellabeams
detail ECN-0151 ECN-0151.pdf Boris 3 Real Time Clock Mod
detail ECN-0150 ECN-0150.pdf Borris 2 Keyboard Interrupt modification
detail ECN-0149 ECN-0149.pdf A2K Ctrl Card Mains Capacitor Modification
detail ECN-0148 ECN-0148.pdf D4 EZ Borris Oscillator Modification
detail ECN-0147 ECN-0147.pdf Diamond 4 EZ DMX Oscillator Modification
detail ECN-0142 ECN-0142.pdf ART2000 T4 Connector panel Rib
detail ECN-0141 ECN-0141.pdf ART2000 I2C bus pull up
detail ECN-0139 ECN-0139.pdf Fitting Links on a Sapphire 2000 SMF PCB
detail ECN-0138 ECN-0138.pdf LCD Screens occasionally losing data
detail ECN-0137 ECN-0137.pdf Trimming the links on a Sapphire 2000 SMF pcb.
detail ECN-0133 ECN-0133.pdf Borris2 motherboards with ST9 adapter board
detail ECN-0132 ECN-0132.pdf Borris2 motherboards with floppy adapter board
detail ECN-0131 ECN-0131.pdf INVC196 Board Fuse Replacement
detail ECN-0130 ECN-0130.pdf Control fuse rating for ART2000 frames
detail ECN-0129 ECN-0129.pdf Watch crystal usage on MAP 5000C Eurocards and Borris2 Motherboards
detail ECN-0128 ECN-0128.pdf Azure Support Cable
detail ECN-0127 ECN-0127.pdf Floppy Adaptor Board
detail ECN-0126 ECN-0126.pdf ST90R40 Adaptor Board
detail ECN-0125 ECN-0125.pdf Hawke 1330IF (Screen Control Board) replacement
detail ECN-0124 ECN-0124.pdf Borris 2 reset line.
detail ECN-0123 ECN-0123.pdf ALG Video Card modification
detail ECN-0120 ECN-0120.pdf ART 2000 tray connector change
detail ECN-0119 ECN-0119.pdf ART 4000 Zero Cross window adjustment
detail ECN-0118 ECN-0118.pdf ART 4000 Main Card fixing
detail ECN-0117 ECN-0117.pdf Diamond II/III Encoders
detail ECN-0116 ECN-0116.pdf Pearl 2000 Roller Modification
detail ECN-0115 ECN-0115.pdf Borris 2 Crystal
detail ECN-0114 ECN-0114.pdf Azure PSU Earth Link
detail ECN-0113 ECN-0113.pdf Rack Splitter DMX Termination
detail ECN-0109 ECN-0109.pdf Pearl Disc Drive
detail ECN-0108 ECN-0108.pdf Tonya3 GAL
detail ECN-0107 ECN-0107.pdf Sapphire 2000 Lamps
detail ECN-0106 ECN-0106.pdf D2/D3 Real Time Clock
detail ECN-0105 ECN-0105.pdf Diamond Extended Memory
detail ECN-0104 ECN-0104.pdf Pearl DIL Extended Memory
detail ECN-0103 ECN-0103.pdf Azure encoders
detail ECN-0102 ECN-0102.pdf Pearl Midi Modifications
detail ECN-0101 ECN-0101.pdf Diamond Midi Modifications
detail ECN-0100 ECN-0100.pdf Borris2 Multiple Key Presses
detail ECN-0192 ECN-0192.pdf Fan Replacement
detail ECN-193 ECN-0193.pdf LCD Inverter Enable Delay
detail ECN-0194 ECN-0194.pdf SATA CD Drive Removal
detail ECN-195 ECN-0195.pdf Sapphire BIOS setting for reliable Ethernet



Master Fader Preset Fader
08-01-0400 08-01-0200

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