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Avolites at the "Santiago a Mil" International Theater Festival, Santiago, Chile

04 May 2017

In a joint production between the artistic group La Patogallina and Matucana 100, the opening ceremony of the twenty-fourth version of the "Santiago a Mil" International Theater Festival was held in Santiago, Chile in early January.

For the 24th annual International Theatre Festival in Santiago, Chile, the opening ceremony was produced with a collaboration between artistic group La Patogallina and Matucana 100.



La Patogallina, under the artistic direction of Martin Erazo, developed a multicultural production called "Sin Fronteras", where actors from different nationalities call for the integration of all Latin American people.

The lighting designer Erasmo Cubillos had the challenging task of illuminating the front of the Government Palace of Chile as well as the truck which hosted the musicians and actors.  The illuminated trucks were representative of the history of Chile, and as they were mobile, had to be controlled wirelessly.


The truck, which was the place where the group of musicians was positioned, used an Avolites Titan One interface to control its LED lights.

Finally, the facade of the government house was used as a background in some moments and in others was used with greater prominence to enhance the content of the staging.

Clay Paky moving lights were used for this and were controlled with a Sapphire Touch console. On site was Francisco Yáñez supporting the incredible team of Illumination Chile that together with the LD Erasmo Cubillos, created a magical night.


The result was incredible, and once again demonstrated how fast it is to use AVOLITES Titan to achieve very powerful results.
The equipment used was: 1 Avolites Sapphire Touch (Master);
1 Avolites Titan Mobile (back-up / multiuser);
32 Clay Paky Sharpy;
24 Clay Paky B-Eye K10;
90 Led Wireless RGBWA;
5 Wireless Solution WDMX boxes;