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Titan delivers a 'breath of fresh air' to Super Dream Grand Ceremony in Beijing

25 January 2017

On December 8th, dealers who were part of the Durun Group gathered in Beijing to attend the ‘Super Dream’ Grand Ceremony. Over 1000 people attended the event which included special guests and performers such as Wong Xiaoming, Huang Xiaohu, Wong Xinling and boy band MIC celebrated together with Durun.

 For this show, chief lighting director, Xiaowei Li from Bai Du Chuan chose to operate on an Arena with a TNP and Quartz as backup for the show. “I’ve been using Avolites for a number of years now and have slowly been growing my collection of consoles from Avolites over the past year. We have now added to the inventory a Titan Mobile, Quartz, Tiger Touch 2 and also an Arena. Although I’ve been using Avolites for many years, the Titan range is a breath of fresh air to me. The learning curve has been steep but the user friendly interface has allowed me to pick this up very quickly though” “For this show, I particularly used the Intensity View to make minor tweaks to different areas of the stage with ease. This function was particularly useful to me. I used a variety of different fixtures which culminated to 90xBeams, 120xLed fixtures and 20xwashes over 9 universes of DMX”


Xiao Wei has always been an Avid user of Avolites. He started off as a freelancer and since 3 years ago opened up his own company called Bai Du Chuan. Although being a co-director of the company, he has also chosen to still get involved with the operation of Avolites consoles due to his passion for lighting.   ‘I’m continually learning and I’m glad that Avolites always has new features to allow me to work in more creative and effective ways. Both Hongfung and Avolites have been of great assistance to me in helping me run the kind of shows that I want.’