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Premium Asian wedding production company invests exclusively in Avolites

28 September 2016

London, UK - Liquid Entertainment - a unique, London-based company specialising in the production of lavish Asian weddings - relies exclusively on equipment from British manufacturer Avolites to ensure each and every one of the company's high-budget matrimonial extravaganzas is technically flawless.

Liquid Entertainment has grown from a small DJ hire outfit to a full-scale event production company within a few years. Offering state-of-the-art sound, lighting and audio-visual services to the most discerning brides and grooms, the company has become synonymous with awe-inspiring production values. Director Randeep Chaggar says investment in the right technical equipment is key to this success within the industry. After trying out many different brands and products, he settled on Avolites as his supplier of choice.

"The main reason we chose Avolites was because of the company's continual development of its software, based on customer feedback, and the rock solid build of its touring desks," says Chaggar. "Some of our desks have been constantly in use, in and out of flight cases and used to control over 200 shows since they were purchased but they still work flawlessly and look like new."

In terms of finding the ideal lighting to create the perfect romantic mood or party atmosphere, Liquid Entertainment took some time to find the right rig, which Avolites Titan software allows the team to control with ease.

"As the business started to grow we encountered limitations at every turn," Chaggar continues. "One of the biggest challenges was sourcing a fully customisable lighting rig that could be installed and run by a single technician. One of our technicians recommended the Titan interface for control and we fell in love with it. Its global palettes and simple fixture exchange make all the base programming and positions not just easy, but fast. This is vital for us, as we seldom have adequate set-up time."

Other Titan features Liquid Entertainment commend are the pixel mapping, the direction changes within Key Frame Shapes and the integration of the new 3D visualiser powered by Capture within v10, so on-site blind programming can be achieved without additional networking and laptops.

Titan's widespread popularity is a further reason Liquid Entertainment exclusively uses Avolites - the company works with numerous rental houses and lighting designers who also favour the brand.

Liquid Entertainment purchased two Avolites consoles to run Titan on: a Tiger Touch Pro and a Quartz. The Avolites Quartz represents the perfect combination of power and portability. The pioneering console is packed with enough power for complex shows, yet remains small and light enough to fly in standard hold luggage.

The Quartz is the latest addition to the Titan Mobile family and the brand's smallest ever, fully-featured console. It can be packaged with a Titan Mobile wing in a travel case, that can easily be checked into your hold luggage or fit into a car boot, which makes it ideal for life on the road.

To power media content at events, Liquid Entertainment purchased an Ai Bondi license, also by Avolites, after road-testing other systems.

"The biggest issue for us was reliability, as we found that other media systems would give us basic control of the video, but without a dedicated codec, performance was unpredictable," says Chaggar.

"To our relief, Ai reliably plays back beautiful video via Ai's unique AiM codec, which made it the obvious choice.