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LD Thiago Bonanato Talks About His Avolife

24 June 2016

Hello guys I'm Thiago Bonanato and I would like to talk about my Avolife.

I have been working in the lighting industry for the same company for the last 21 years after starting on the 5th of May 1995 in a company called LPL Lighting Productions Ltd. 

I'm now the main lighting designer and operator for Roberto Carlos, who is considered the biggest and most important Latin artist with one Grammy and six Latin Grammy awards, and I'm also a Lighting Designer and director of photography at LPL.

I’ve worked on corporate events, parties, DVDs, musicals and a lot of festivals during the 21 years of using Avolites equipment, and I can truly say that I have been along for the ride since the beginning, and what a fantastic ride it has been!

I started out using Avolites many many years ago on the Rolacue C60. After the C60 I moved on to the QM500, Sapphire 512 (good memories), Pearl Rolacue, Azure, Diamond 2, 3 and 4 and now I use the whole of the latest range of Titan consoles.

Out of all of the equipment we have, the Avolites consoles are my favourite. Today with Titan everything is becoming easier; the OS is very versatile, from patching, fixture exchange, and show import, to cutting edge effect engines and a beautiful interface.

The power and ease of use of the operating system has won me over more and more, I LOVE FADERS (ha ha). I'm an old school lighting designer, I love to feel the bumps, I use all my cues and faders, I like to have this freedom, with this flexibility I can change my show file how I like. I can say to the console "HEY TODAY IS ROCK AND ROLL, or HEY LET’S WORK WITH THEATRE" this is very cool to me, the console give me these options.

Another aspect of Avolites that really stands out for me is the support. The support I get from Avolites is amazing, they’re always available for any questions I have and always take away any concerns or problems I may have.

Now I'm on tour with Roberto Carlos in Brazil, Latin America and Mexico, with a Sapphire Touch and a Tiger Touch Pro as backup, and of course my trusty little Titan Mobile. 

I'm a maniac for Avolites, which is why I always specify an Avolites console for three main reasons; I have absolute trust in the Titan OS, the support and contact with the brand is unparalleled and I love the way I can go old school with the consoles, they are truly versatile. 

A Big Hug! (Abraços)

Thiago Bonanato