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Ai media servers take to the catwalk with Louis Vuitton

28 November 2014

France: A total of 9 Avolites Ai media servers were used to introduce the latest collection from high-end fashion house Louis Vuitton, for their Spring/Summer 2015 launch, powering visuals for the duration of the exclusive event.

The show, hosted at the futuristic Frank Gehry-designed Louis Vuitton Foundation, opened high concept - with the introduction featuring a video sequence reminiscent of David Lynch's 'Dune', powered by the Ai servers.

The project used LTC going straight into each server via there on board SMPTE boards to lock the frames of 9 Ai servers that were outputting to 21 LED walls and 12 projectors so that all the outputs were lip synced together for the opening sequence of the fashion show. Sebastien Sacco from Pre-Vues acted as operator for the show, while Simon Graham from Avolites Media was on hand for the pre-programming of the servers.

To watch the awesome visuals for yourself, click here!