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Tiger Touch II lights up Malta's 10th anniversary EU celebrations

11 July 2014

Malta: In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the country joining the EU, various locations within the Grand Harbour Valletta, Malta were beautifully lit up with beams reaching far into the night sky. Using an Avolites Tiger Touch II, the expansive lighting installation was visible at Fort St Angelo, Villa Bighi and Isla. The far-reaching spectacle had been put together by LD Ismael Portelli and Console Operator and Programmer Anton Borg Oliver.

Using 8 full universes controlled from the Tiger Touch II, the light show, featuring a massive 225 fixtures, was triggered using SMPTE timecode.

LD Portelli was excited to use his console, stating: “The Tiger Touch II was very helpful as we programmed all sequence as separate queues recorded onto separate faders.  Then we built a full cue list using quick build. This was really useful as we could access each cue very quickly and adjust timings etc.

“Customer service and the sales team from Avolites were very helpful as the new console was ready for delivery in less than 24hours.”

  • Lighting Designer : Ismael Portelli
  • Desk Operator and Programmer: Anton Borg Olivier
  • Lighting Supplier : Nexos & Co. Ltd.

Fixtures used:-

Fort St Angelo:
48 x Studio due city color 2500
135 x Clay Paky Sharpy 

Villa Bighi:
18 x Griven Kolorado 
24 x Clay Paky Sharpy 

12 x Griven kolorado 
18 x Clay Paky Sharpy 


Grand Harbour Valletta
Grand Harbour Valletta
View from the Sea
View from the Sea