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Avolites and Avolites Media run the show for Bastille

10 April 2014

UK - Lighting Designer Jamie Thompson, co-director of global lighting and show design company MIRRAD, has specified an entirely Avolites and Avolites Media system to wow audiences with his stunning stage and lighting design for Brit indie-rockers Bastille's worldwide tour.


Thompson specified the ultra-fast Avolites Sapphire Touch as his main control console, with backup console Avolites Tiger Touch Pro. For the show's projection mapping Thompson employed two Avolites Media Ai Infinity 4 Media Servers, one main and one backup, with full redundancy at every point.


Thompson drew inspiration for the visually striking set from the geometries of the band's triangle logo, mapping it through the Ai Media Server with filmic, b-movie style video created by Paul 'Pablo' Beckett of Bryte Design.


"Right from the beginning we had the idea of utilising the band's triangle logo because it's such a strong shape," explains Thompson. "It made the stage visually explode and manipulated the audience's perspective. The video-mapping on top really bought it to life."


The set design was also remarkably versatile, as Dave Singleton, who was in charge of video mapping, explains: "The set was fantastic - large enough to fill the arenas, yet scalable to fit into some of the smaller venues. The Ai Projection Mapping Editor made it easy to recreate the show at each venue, even with a completely different projection surface."


The Ai server also allowed the show's acutely creative team to build a diverse range of effects into the design.


"We really put Ai through its paces," says Singleton. "I had multiple camera and other effects layered throughout the whole show, which were triggered from an Akai APC40 Midi Controller. In order to keep the balance between camera and content I ended up operating the show in a live VJ fashion. Ai's onboard effects engine means we can manipulate the camera shots and do some fun things with them, like take crowd shots and map them across all the surfaces."


Working alongside the projection was a dynamic yet almost architectural style lighting package, which Thompson controlled from his Avolites Sapphire Touch console, complete with brand new TNP nodes.


"I've always described the Sapphire Touch as a designer's desk rather than an operator or a programmer's desk," says Thompson. "The interface is the best looking on the market. It's extremely intuitive and fast to use. It also looks really nice and clean - you're not scanning it constantly for fixtures and features - everything's in front of you.


"Additionally, we've had a consistently good relationship with Avo and I think, above and beyond what they do with the consoles, their customer support is fantastic. They've always been more than accommodating and they've always been there when we need them. It's very rare to find a company where you always feel like their first priority."


Bastille's tour continues this year, including several exciting performances at festivals this summer.

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