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Avolites Drops a Million Pounds in Iceland

17 November 2013

"The Titan 7.1 system worked so well, I was really satisfied.” 

Avolites Equipment:

Control: Sapphire Touch

Media Server: Ai T4 server

Power Distribution: A2000T Dimming system and Powercube

Data Distribution: Truss splitters


Avolites Consoles, Servers and Dimming controlled the spectacular game show ‘Million Pound Drop’

The technically complicated and fast paced TV game show used a Sapphire Touch to control lights, media servers and hydraulic trap doors. Aside from live hands on operation MIDI commands were sent to the Sapphire to control certain lighting video cues and trigger the appropriate trap door. The system was backed up using Titan Mobiles.

The Avoilites Media Ai T4 server ran four monitors which displayed the answers to questions as well as a Panasonic PT-DZ12000 Projector.

DMX transmission was over Artnet using multiple Entec Nodes and Avolites Truss Splitters for final DMX distribution, whilst mains distribution consisted of an Art2000 Dimmer rack and a Power cube rack.

The lighting rig was supplied by Iceland's Luxor and consisted of  Colorspot 1200 AT’s, Led Beam 100’s, Robe Ledforce 18’s, and Pulsar LED tubes, totalling close to a hundred fixtures.

The set and Lighting design was by Alfreð Sturla Böðvarsson, with co-designer and programmer Karl Sigurðsson who also project managed the show.

Karl Sigurðsson was one of three of Luxor’s technical staff that attended advanced Titan training over the summer, which Karl states really paid off, greatly enhancing their knowledge of the Titan system, especially the timecode and MIDI systems allowing them to speedily program the whole show.

Karl Sigurðsson  said “The Sapphire Touch worked well with the QueLab system, that triggered many lighting and audio cues, and the lighting cues were in fact opening and closing the pumps under the trap doors. The Titan 7.1 system worked so well, I was really satisfied.”