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Studio Tanta Install Avolites Arena

22 March 2019

Avolites Arena console was adopted by Studio Tanta, the largest scale studio in Tokyo, Japan, which opened in Shibuya district in May 2018.

 The Avolites Arena console was installed at Rehearsal Studio, Studio-C, . 

The studio   is a 7- storey building housing two recording studios, one rehearsal studio, two artists’ rooms, a restaurant and more.  It took 2 years to get 

 construction permission and 3 years for construction itself. 

 Studio Tanta serves various purposes, including live concerts, rehearsals, recording studio space, parties, events and so on.

Hibino Lighting Inc. Avolites' exclusive distributor in Japan, supplied the Arena to control the 30 units of lighting fixtures at Studio-C as well installing the lighting fixtures.

“It was such a great honor to get into Studio Tanta’s opening. Hibino Lighting imports, sells and installs various foreign products in Japan. Avolites is one of the most important brands of Hibino Lighting, hence I was pleased when Tanta chose us for permanent installation. Permanent Installation for venues, halls, theatres, live music clubs, as well as music studios is an important business sector in Hibino Lighting. Avolites products are compact with high performance, so more and more facilities adopt them nowadays. In terms of that, I think that we have huge possibility to expand permanent installation business sector with Avolites products.” says Mr. Yukitoshi Watanabe of Hibino Lighting.