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Robe Ramps Up the Action with Avolites' Timecode

07 November 2018

Robe’s dramatic Live Design International Exhibition stand, complete with hourly live show, was once again controlled by an Avolites Titan system. Robe’s creative team, led by Nathan Wan and Andy Webb chose a Tiger Touch II console networked with three Titan Net Processors to program the complex cue list, for over 200 fixtures packing 386 cues into 8 minutes of performance! Timing was everything for the show to work, so the cue list all ran to timecode, and with such a critical audience of industry professionals watching, there was no room for error.


The show narrative followed the intrepid Explorer character, having journeyed from London fighting her way through the jungle, encountering hostile Ninjas and other obstacles, arriving at a clearing in the dense forest and discovering a lost temple.

Making use of Titan’s feature-rich cue lists was key to bringing everything together; “Autoloads within the cue list allow us to build a complex cue, which we might use several times, while always having a single point to refer back to for changes. If we decide we don’t like the way it looks, we edit the original and the whole performance is updated instantly” says Wan.

The team made extensive use of the keyframe effect engine, including the new V11 ability to run the effects only once, and for the transition from their environmental looks into the show, Macros released running playbacks ready for timecode to take over. “The whole stand has to run autonomously once we finish programming. And the full three days worked seamlessly, without a single hiccup” stated Webb.

Robe has raised the bar in entertainment technology expo stand design and presentation over the last two years, showcasing its products in ‘real life’ scenarios, as well as providing a fun and entertaining story in which all can engage.

See the show in action: