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Avolites 'Casts' New Swiss distributor

27 March 2018

Switzerland - Avolites has announced a new partnership with Cast Swiss Light Consulting for distribution of its full range of Titan lighting control and Ai media server products in Switzerland.

For more than 24 years Cast Swiss Light Consulting (Cast) has been a leading supplier of fixtures, lighting control, staging, power, signal distribution and accessories for the entertainment, theatre, studio and film industries. The agreement now sees the company become the sole distributor of Avolites control consoles and media servers in Switzerland.

"We were looking to expand to meet demand from our client base for top-class consoles and media server technology and we realised only a major player like Avolites could fill the gap," says Silvio Cibien, Cast's Chairman of the Board. "We believe we are a great match - both companies are focused on delivering the best quality equipment for the industry and ensuring end user satisfaction."

Cast will now carry all of Avolites' industry-leading Titan consoles and Ai media servers for the discerning Swiss market. This includes everything from the Titan One to the Sapphire Touch console, from dimmers to the Ai line of industry-leading media servers.

"Like Cast, Avolites prides itself on its belief that 'the people' part of the equation is vital in ensuring our position as market leader is maintained," says Koy Neminathan, Sales Director of Avolites. "We are excited to work alongside Cast in Switzerland to deliver the very best complete visual control products to the vibrant industry there.

"As the Swiss market reaches new heights, and Avolites gears up to enhance existing and launch new products, we see there is huge potential for both of our companies to benefit from a shared vision of success and user satisfaction."

Based in the picturesque town of Villeneuve on Lake Geneva, Cast reports steady growth in the entertainment lighting and video market across Switzerland. 

"Avolites and Cast share the same goals, we want to grow together," adds Silvio.  "We look forward to the future with Avolites on board."