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DMX in capture

Would be nice if you could capture dmx values from other consoles. If you get to a venue and the house console is not avolites and if you have the same patch, then you could just plug in the dmx lines(or artnet) from the other console and use the data outputted from the house console, select fixtures ->@ button at the wheel ->capture. and the console reads the dmx info on that DMX ch. and stores into programmer.  this makes updating your pallets on a tour with a band really simple and fast.

Bercic Bercic
published 01/24/2018 16:06

Grouping playbacks

Grouping playbacks which release to each other in subgroups

sven imbrechts sven imbrechts
published 01/24/2018 10:49

Fade between pages

A possibility to go from one page to another with fade- and delay timings. If I’m on a page and have fired some playbacks, when I than go to the next page it will fade to those playbacks I’ve chosen and kill the playbacks on the previous page or fade to black and when I press on a playback it goes live. It would give you more opportunities. 

Avljud Avljud
published 01/24/2018 06:37

Preview of the next cue

I would like if Titan could save a picture for each cue, either from the colour workspace, position workspace or an option for Capture thumbnails. So for instance if you have Moving Heads in a cross with white colour Titan will save that down like a picture in the cue window. It already saves pictures in the colour-, position- and gobo workspace when you double tap so why not have a option for the cue window. Than I would like if the picture for the next coming cue is shown over the playback so I can have a great overview what’s coming.

Avljud Avljud
published 01/23/2018 19:59

Shape fade times on cuelists

Hello, FX is an attribute like position beam ecc. I would like to be able to set individual fade time as I do for all the other parameters in cues. Comes handy in cuelists. Ciao!

ciuf ciuf
published 01/26/2018 22:48

Fixtures selection count

When we select more than one unit in the programmer, add a counter at the top of the interface (where we see the names of the fixtures/groups selected) to know how many units are selected. And apply the same idea in the Patch window.

Marc Marc
published 01/31/2018 18:01

disable speed master for a specific cue

it would be handy if in a cuelist that has a speed / bpm master attached, you can set the option to have a specific cue not listen to that speed / bpm master but to the speed it was programmed with

Nijs Jonas Nijs Jonas
published 01/28/2018 19:10

loop in cuelist

it would be an easier / faster way of programming if a cue could loop back to a specific cue for x times

Nijs Jonas Nijs Jonas
published 01/28/2018 19:08

Having Trigger Mapping states shown in a workspace window

Using DMX IN or MIDI Mapping, it has to be done from System/Triggers... OK When you have mapped your effect you can turn them on or off in this window, but you are in System and not Live. Thanks to Sebastian Beutel we now have Macros to toggle these switches, but no way to monitor the state without going into System/Triggers again. I would like to see a Mapping window in a Workspace showing the states of the vairous Mappings created to see if they are Enabled or not. They could also then be switched  by touching ...

Steve Gray Steve Gray
published 01/19/2018 15:06

key frame shape pallets

since the introduction of key frame shapes i''ve found myself using the regular shapes and pixelmapper less and less. with key frames i can create a lot of the same effects with much more control of the parameters. the big downside to key frames is that updating them or making small adjustment takes ages since i can''t save them as pallets. would love to see this feature in the next update.

youri377 youri377
published 01/20/2018 18:23

individualy fade out of attributes

on cue view i have seen that i can only fade in individualy fade time for each attribute.  it will be usefull if fade out attributes also controlled individually on the cue view and not only from global time.

mkgcy mkgcy
published 12/21/2017 18:21

New Cross Fade Record Mode Option

I wish there was a record mode like crossfade that only affects fixtures in the cue that was set to this mode. In other words instead of crossfade fading the entire output of the console to whatever is recorded in the playback it would only crossfade the output of fixtures recorded in the playback instead of layering the playback in with other playbacks that also contain the same fixtures. This would be especially useful for crossfading intensities of fixtures if the intensities in the crossfade cue are lower than other playbacks that may be active that contain the same fixtures.

James Mitchell James Mitchell
published 01/14/2018 20:35

Tracking as the Pearl with graphic tablet.

Was an useful function disappeared in TITAN to track an object or a people with moving light  just by clicking in a stage area. Furthermore, it was the quickest way to point a lot of movers to the same zone.

devnull00 devnull00
published 01/17/2018 09:50

Cuelist Rate

Hi, As we have Shape rate, it would be interesting to have a Playback Rate to accelerate or slowdwn the times of cues. It is very usful when the fade is relating to an actor action.  thanks Enjoy your AVOLife

Stéphane Mocret Stéphane Mocret
published 01/16/2018 16:04

The mysterious red LED on the Go button that NEVER lights....

Hi guys. I posted this on the Avo fb page recently and wondered if you could consider this.... As a person that uses the Cue stack now and again.....The red LED on the go button.... Why does this NEVER work? And why does the stop LED go out during transitions? I would say in an ideal world, it would be nice to have the Go button LED lit constantly until you hit it and the Stop button not lit. Then when Go is pressed, the LED goes out to indicate a transition and the Stop button ...

Jamtastic3 Jamtastic3
published 01/10/2018 17:15

Assign Menu vs. Key Profiles

A quick assign method , to assign certain a Playback a certain Key action. Just in order to e.g. change an Executor button to timedflash it takes so many steps. This must be possible much quicker. Of course this also stems from other consoles – not only MA. There, changing the behavior of a Button is really straight-forward. Press a the ‘Assign’ key, then press the key that you want to change. And immediately you can select the Function you wish (tap tempo, flash, swop, …) So, in total 4 clicks. This can be located in the exist ...

derelli derelli
published 12/26/2017 11:21

Fixture layout (plot) window

It's much easy to choose fixtures for programming if it placed in the same way, like on the stage. Adding fixture layout window with 2D fixture symbols will save many time, especially when fixture symbols are able to show intensity and colour/gobo status. More advantages brings the opportunity to remember the order of choosing fixtures in this window. In this case will be no more need to create big number of groups with the same fixture types, but different fixture order for building shapes and effects.     

published 12/18/2017 13:05

ability to reorder playback pages

an improved way to access playback pages would be nice. Setlist isn't a bad approach as it also cuts down the number of pages you can cycle through. A logical step forward to me would be a pages workspace where you would be able to reorder the pages you are using (and quite possibly hide the ones you aren't)

sideshowbond sideshowbond
published 01/11/2018 20:49

visualiser fixture select

it would be nice if you could select fixtures in the visualizer, and if you make a group this way it would automaticly store the group layout.

Bercic Bercic
published 01/10/2018 10:28

Dynamic Palete View

I'd like a palete view that would follow the mode of the encoders. For example if the encoders are set to any form of color it would show color palettes and if I clicked the position button it would then swith to that. It would be a great way to save screen space on the smaller consoles since you wouldn't need to have multiple types of windows open.

antmillerm antmillerm
published 01/16/2018 05:44

release to normal palettes

right now release works only to active playbacks, quick palettes or locate, would be nice if playbacks could release back to normal palettes.

Bercic Bercic
published 01/09/2018 20:49

3rd external Window on Titan

i use for Programming my pc with 3 Monitors, is ist Possible to have a 3rd Titan window ?  

Joshua Hornig Joshua Hornig
published 01/02/2018 12:53

Find fixture when repatching

add a find fixture key when repatching fixtures.

Bercic Bercic
published 01/09/2018 20:56

Advanced palette fading

while busking, to add the option to fade in palettes with advanced time syntax like 1/thro/10 and using the group fixture order similar to owerlap, but different

Bercic Bercic
published 01/09/2018 21:07

Edit times led blinking

Right now when you use the b softkey (playback options) on a playback the screen goes red and the playback led flashes. i Would like something similar when using A softkey edit Times.

Bercic Bercic
published 01/10/2018 10:21