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Timecoding - Learn Timing & Inclusion of any aspect of the desk recorded in timecode

I would like to see timecoding develop to where you can fully automate a show down to the "bumps" and "stabs" you may have setup in your console being bale to have a timecode stamp attributed to them thus being able to leave to have fully automated shows played back as if you are at the desk yourself during plotting.

congodesign congodesign
published 12/07/2017 00:30
  • Triggers

endorsed by
  • Oliver
  • Mickmurray
  • Danny Middelburg
  • Marc
  • milou
  • antmillerm
  • Owen
  • Stage Production
  • George
  • Sven
  • yourigidding
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replied 12/17/2017 18:57

With a Timecode workspace where we have a timeline. So we can see and edit exactly where are each "Go" is.

replied 12/15/2017 21:07

Yip great idea, I've seen it on a couple of other desks and its very powerful , particularly if you could have timecode lists (maybe a bad name for it) , so parts of the song / lights could be timecode recorded in separate lists making it easy to edit afterwards, also the timecode could then be built in layers rather than trying to do the whole sone all the lights in one go , makes for a very buskable / fast / powerful time coding. 

Last Activity 12/17/2017 19:02