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I don’t know what’s possible but I’d have some ideas to smooth things up in my opinion.

- Hold a cue on the touchscreen for like 3 seconds to edit and than change what you want and clear. For instance a new colour or position.

- Double tap to store workspaces.

- Hold and drag a cue in a cuelist to change it’s order. So you can move them as you want.

- Make cuelists as standard and just a button in the cue window to change to a chase. So instead of have to choose cuelist in the softkeys and press a playback and than start recording it, I would like that you just have to record cues on top of each other. This function maybe already exists?

- Instead of have to legend all attributes when they are stored, make pictures for each lamp and function. So when you double tap in the gobo window to store a gobo - a picture will be there with the gobo you choosed. If I remember correctly MagicQ has that function?



Avljud Avljud
published 01/26/2018 22:11
  • Titan
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