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Record raw DMX output

Add an option in the Record menu to be able to record the raw output and not the programmer values.

For example, if we have a shape running, stopped at speed=0, if we hit Record it will record the starting position from the fixtures and not the actual position set by the shape.

Marc Marc
published 01/26/2018 09:24
  • Shapes & Effects
  • Playbacks

endorsed by
  • Bercic
  • Louis
  • Sebastian Beutel
  • anthony
  • Robinv
  • Shiman Sairey
  • matteocacco
  • JFuste
  • Magellan
  • Steve Gray
  • jasper
  • Andras Praksch
  • Charles
  • sideshowbond
  • Drama King
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replied 05/07/2018 17:53

Recording by stage? 

replied 02/02/2018 15:12

To be clear, the example given is how it actually behaves in v10.1. The new "Record raw output" option would record the actual position set by the shape (what we see on stage when speed=0) and not the starting position from the fixtures on which the shape is applied.

replied 07/22/2018 15:20

If needed, here's a reason to the request : it's a great way, for example, to make quick and dirty position palettes, starting from a very simple one combined with an shape.

Last Activity 07/24/2018 18:41