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Random Shape

It would be awsome if there was a real random generated shape for example the dimmer of fixtures

die.gegenlicht.front die.gegenlicht.front
published 01/01/2018 20:44
  • Shapes & Effects

endorsed by
  • Sebastian Beutel
  • Taos Artwork
  • JoelD
  • Jean François Dejonghe
  • Stijn
  • QwertyPwned
  • sparken
  • steph SC
  • owenp95
  • Robinv
  • Fabian Spitzer
  • Janne
  • Govert van Westing
  • Renier Horn
  • JFuste
  • Camilo Tapia
  • amadej.973
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replied 02/01/2018 20:53

Choose group -> "Odd/Even/All" button -> random (order) -> create shape (via Shape generator or Key Frame) -> bigger offset

I am using this for a nice sparkle effect

replied 07/15/2018 15:45

We theater users will like that, too.

To make fire flickering, flickering lightbulbs/fluorescent tubes etc.

Random order, random speed.

tom jones
replied 01/14/2018 13:57

Unless i've misunderstood, follow these steps:

Shape Generator - <select shape> - Direction - Random

replied 02/02/2018 12:43

Currently when you select random direction it generates a random fixture order.  But this order is not randomised again meaning it will just repeat each cycle.  To be truly random it either needs to generate a new order each cycle or ignore orders completely and continually randomise the selection live.

Last Activity 07/24/2018 18:41