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Preview of the next cue

I would like if Titan could save a picture for each cue, either from the colour workspace, position workspace or an option for Capture thumbnails. So for instance if you have Moving Heads in a cross with white colour Titan will save that down like a picture in the cue window. It already saves pictures in the colour-, position- and gobo workspace when you double tap so why not have a option for the cue window. Than I would like if the picture for the next coming cue is shown over the playback so I can have a great overview what’s coming.

Avljud Avljud
published 01/23/2018 19:59
  • Titan
  • Playbacks
  • Visualiser

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  • Marc
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replied 05/07/2018 18:01

I like how other consoles are pulling an image from the visualiser to create legends. A similar implementation on Titan would be a great time saver. 

Last Activity 07/24/2018 18:38