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One Shot Key Frame Shape

The Key Frame shape generator is a very simple and intuitive interface. However the shapes produced keep on looping, which is great for 'disco' but not great for specific one shot cues.

Think Millionaire or The Voice  'I Want You'.

IDEA: One Shot Key Frame Shape


Puts your fixtures into a position with all attributes ready but with Zero Intensity.

FIRE ONE SHOT - Swap Button?

Fire a specific one shot Key Frame Shape with as many attributes and frames as required. Once the key frame sequence is exhausted, the fixtures would either stop silent, or return to the PRELOAD KEYFRAME position.


Wayneskie Wayneskie
published 02/07/2018 18:52
  • Shapes & Effects
  • Titan

endorsed by
  • Bercic
  • Tim E.
  • mattilsley
  • Sven
  • owenp95
  • matteocacco
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  • youri377
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