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On-screen Faders

It would be useful to have the option of on-screen faders in the Playback window, like in the MagicQ Execute Window. For smaller consoles like the Quartz this would enable a more flexible approach to workflow, particularly on busking shows. At present for example, masters and intensity-critical playbacks must be put on faders, which can sometimes limit the diversity of playbacks that you can use elsewhere on the Executer buttons and in the Playbacks window.  

Cobain Schofield Cobain Schofield
published 12/15/2017 18:17
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endorsed by
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replied 12/16/2017 16:15

Also for fixtures.

I wonder if a nice implementation would be to have a context menu button or window appearance setting that toggled between collapsed and full views.  In collapsed it would behave as it is now.  In full it would reveal a fader + grey and blue buttons (similar to TitanOne main faders).  This would provide a way to control the level as well as an extra couple of buttons.  So you could have a bpm master that when collapsed would function as a tap but when expanded would have a fader that set the level as well as perhaps tap on blue/ connect on grey.

Cobain Schofield
replied 12/16/2017 19:59

Rather than an either/or on the scale of the window, I think it would be really nice to have the ability to have both buttons and faders on the same window in whatever configuration you please. For example, if I placed a latching playback with preset fade times next to a rate master, I'd like the master to be on a fader, but the latching playback would work best - and would take up less space - as a button

replied 04/05/2018 10:25

It would also be great if you could access playbacks not available to the console you are using - e.g if you are in a session with a Sapphire as a master and a TigerTouch as backup to be able to specify the on screen faders are the faders over the screens on the Sapphire

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