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More frequent bugfixes

Please implement more frequent bugfixes. So far in every version of Titan there have been bugs that have been heavily annoying and which would be nice to be fixed before the new version comes out. The way things are now is that if something breaks you have to go without it for almost a year...

sideshowbond sideshowbond
published 12/16/2017 14:49
  • System
  • Titan

endorsed by
  • Danny Middelburg
  • Marc
  • jst10
  • KarelB
  • Josef Hackl
  • Stijn
  • AV Partners
  • Magellan
  • RobinLotze
  • Stage Production
  • Josh
  • Kade Behm
  • yonglite
  • JamesR
  • Sven
  • Fabian Spitzer
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