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Kill or Release Playbacks when Unused

Make it possible to automatically kill or release playbacks when they no longer control and channels on the output. This would mean that once the playback was fully overridden it would turn off.

Oliver Oliver
published 11/22/2017 20:13

endorsed by
  • Nic
  • Nijs Jonas
  • Sebastian Beutel
  • derelli
  • Michael Edwards
  • sideshowbond
  • JoelD
  • Hayden Borgars
  • Kade Behm
  • cs_event
  • Marc
  • jst10
  • Andras Praksch
  • Josef Hackl
  • Janosc
  • JSSound
  • Peppi
  • Scott
  • die.gegenlicht.front
  • Stadtsaal Dillingen
  • James Mitchell
  • youri377
  • Jarno Koreman
  • sven imbrechts
  • karlhealy
  • Frederik Heien
  • AV Partners
  • NehemiahGrubbs
  • Owen
  • RobinLotze
  • Josh
  • Siroy
  • Neal Kerr
  • Sven
  • JamesR
  • Keylight
  • Ruben Mennes
  • Ian
  • Colm
  • amadej.973
  • Paulo Vargues
  • James Leach
  • crapshoes2
  • Harley
  • Connor Faulder
  • deadly
  • Shiman Sairey
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replied 01/19/2018 09:20


my English is not very good, but I would like to try it anyway:

I love to program effects or scenery on the Avolites Titan. But I find it very difficult to organize the programmed effects on the desk for spontaneous shows. Many programmed things can not be switched off fast enough? I have to improvise a lot in the evening. I have to pre-program a lot of effects and basic scenes and make the show spontaneously. That's why I find it difficult to organize the desk. There are many possibilities for shows with cue list. But I miss a freely assignable executor button or playback window, which I can prove very quickly with my pre-programmed things.

An example:

I'm missing a freely assignable Executer window. You can program a lot of beautiful effects, but not all with concrete device assignments directly next to each other. I would like for a selection of LED bars different colors (no problem), different color chaser, different color shapes, different color key frames and different color pixel mapper in one button window directly next to each other. That's maybe 15, 20 or 25 different color buttons. The number is not fixed from the beginning, but can be even bigger during the Show. If I press red, all other colors or color chases or color effects should go out. I press a color shape button should go out red. I press the color button blue, the color shape should go out. A selection of assignments can be made via the mask. But a binding of direct devices to a shap does not work. I also do not want to have all the effects in different windows. All programmed functions related to colors should be in one window. (simple color, shapes, pixel mapper, key frames) In this window, I want to be able to determine how the keys behave to each other.

As soon as I select a new color / color effect, everything else has to go out without any additional handling, which has to do with this device and this the color channel.

I would like the same for dimmers. I want to drop (or link) dimmer buttons, dimmer shapes, dimmer key frames, etc. that I've programmed into a one-button window. Again, for example, all 20 dimmer buttons (including shapes, chasers, keyframes) for LED bars are side by side.

For example at the Chamsys:

On the execute window, there is an option to set all buttons adjacent to each other (immediate left and right) to release all cues while activating the cue you selected.

For example at the ASM R2-D2 excklusive:

All programmed effects and scenes were in a large library. From this library, I could put the effects and scenes with a device and channel binding freely on the keypad. Then I was free to choose which keys belong to a group and how the keys in that group should behave.

During a spontaneous show it is important not to have to change any page or to press many keyboard shortcuts. The smaller the number of keys to press or toggle or reverse, the better. You have to be fast.

I would like such a free and uncomplicated key window. Then many more users of small and medium-sized companies would work with Avolite.

replied 12/22/2017 22:01

There is one other thing I thought about today: on Hogs there is an option on scenes that's called "release on the other go". That's basically an option for the cue to be released as soon as the next cue (cuelist or scene) is triggered.

Maybe worth thinking about adding that as well at this point.

replied 12/04/2017 12:29

An interesting idea that would allow a number of related playbacks (particularly those not associated with faders such as in the playbacks window) to be fired and then refired if necessary without needing to manually kill them first.

I am unsure if this would be a total solution in that you could conceivably have a situation where it is not suitable to override all of the controls but I think it would be a neat way for the majority of cases.

replied 12/15/2017 12:41

in this case it's actually indeed worth having a look at other manufacturers how they deal with this. OnOffOverwritten/Persist On Override (MA and Hog respectively) work pretty much the same and in order to simplify the workflow for programmers used to other consoles it wouldn't be a bad thing to orientate this particular feature along with other manufacturers

replied 12/15/2017 13:10

For the other consoles that do this, it is a playback/executor option. For those consoles that function like this by default, there's an playback option for it to keep that playback active instead. For those consoles that function like Titan by default, they have a playback option for the playback to be killed/released when overridden instead. So you can have each playback behave whichever way you need for that particular playback.

replied 12/15/2017 14:27

I think it is certainly beneficial if there is familiarity with other brands and a 'Persist on Override' on/off playback toggle makes perfect sense to me but of course if there's a way to improve the function or make it more intuitive at the same time that would be even better.

replied 12/15/2017 14:32

oh absolutely. Beat dividers being a prime example here. I requested them being inspired by MA and Avo just went bonkers with it and it turned out to be genius.
However I rather have this functionality as it is known from others sooner than an improved version later (also I do have to admit that I can't imagine right now how to improve that feature - anyhow, happy to let them surprise me)

Last Activity 01/31/2018 20:31