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Flashing playback while working in preview mode scene master

A possibility for flashing a playback (e.g. blinders) while building a new scene in preview mode would be very helpful for busking shows.

Josef Hackl Josef Hackl
published 12/22/2017 15:53
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  • Fabian Spitzer
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Nijs Jonas
replied 01/02/2018 12:19

I did a bug report about that because when you keep a flash button pressed while going into blind mode, the flash keeps working, they answered that it was meanth to keep working in blind mode, it is a bug that it doesnt

replied 01/02/2018 14:20

The bug that we have logged with this is that it is inconsistent that by holding flash whilst entering scene mode you can make flash work. This will be fixed by not allowing flash whilst in scene mode even if flash is held whilst entering scene mode. So the essence of this feature request is still valid.

Last Activity 01/02/2018 14:21