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"DCA" Master as a master fader for multiple cues

It would be nice if you could define some kind of submaster, similar to DCA Groups on Sound desks.

For example:

I have a bunch of cues for Sunstrips with different type of effects (Pixel mapper, shapes, dimmer chases).

At the Moment I use a Group master for the Sunstrips to dimm these effects. For shapes I could use a size master as well, but at the Moment a Group master is the only way to dimm all of these effects. But if I have these dimmed I am not able to flash the blinders fully without pushing up the Group master as well.

If you could assign a Master to certain cues you could dimm effects on multiple devices and still have the ability to have other cues that use the full output.

Similar to Speed or size master, but should work on the dimmer output.

JSSound JSSound
published 12/28/2017 13:19
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endorsed by
  • Sebastian Beutel
  • sideshowbond
  • Nijs Jonas
  • die.gegenlicht.front
  • jst10
  • Gilardeau
  • matteocacco
  • Fabian Spitzer
  • Marc
  • Klemen
  • Connor Faulder
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replied 01/02/2018 11:45

Hate to say: Playback Master on MA, Batch Master on Hog.

Question here: do you only want the dimmer output to be controlled by the Master or what about LTP attributes?

Last Activity 01/02/2018 14:10