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Cuelists: Resume after Cuelist restart

Something from a theatre guy: he suggests that a cuelist, even if completely killed/released, can optionally be resumed with the last shown/next cue. Of course the tracked information must be cached and restored somehow, but this should be possible, I think.

Sebastian Beutel Sebastian Beutel
published 11/24/2017 11:07
  • System
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endorsed by
  • Fairlight Menno
  • James Mitchell
  • sideshowbond
  • Janne
  • Marc
  • Stage Production
  • kyliemaisey
  • JamesR
  • Keylight
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replied 12/15/2017 13:36

this would be a really really helpful feature

Gregory Haynes
replied 11/24/2017 12:52

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#56040 [Cue Lists] Add option to retain current cue when cue list is released or killed

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