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Better overview about macros in show library

As the number of available macros is rapidly growing, I'd wish for a way to sort them, to get a better overview, and narrow down the search.

Possible ways:

  • by namespace of the macro id - this would give a more structured way. But I'd think of only one layer here, e.g. 'factory', 'user', 'system'
  • by an additional tag 'tags', 'keywords' or the likes where the macro may have multiple entries, e.g.'colour chase' or 'master trigger'

Maybe both can be combined, e.g. the tags can be shown top, the namespaces left (as like the filters in other windows).

Furthermore I'd suggest that after performing an action in the show all macros view - e.g. copying a macro onto a handle - the viewport and selection are not resetted as it is the case now. More often than not you want to copy multiple macros which are on adjacent buttons, e.g. Master Fade Time 0/0.5/2/5 - and it is hard to always search and scroll again because the viewport has scrolled home.

Finally: please show the macro description somewhere. E.g. with the <Open/View> key and the [Macro] button a little tooltip overlay - this would be AWESOME

Sebastian Beutel Sebastian Beutel
published 12/16/2017 13:12
  • Macros

endorsed by
  • sideshowbond
  • Nijs Jonas
  • Marc
  • Josef Hackl
  • Steve Gray
  • Kieren Sleight
  • Siroy
  • Kade Behm
  • Stage Production
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replied 12/21/2017 22:21

thinking about this a search/custom filter for the show library would be massively beneficial. Just like the one in patch view to filter the personality library

Last Activity 01/02/2018 11:22