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auto palette picture legends

when i create gobo palettes a lot of my time goes to assigning the right picture legend to those palettes.
It would be nice if desk auto labels it with the right picture and not just the name.

Since capture is build in and has the gobos i think there should be a way of doing that, or assign pictures when creating the personality.

Nijs Jonas Nijs Jonas
published 12/08/2017 20:29
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replied 12/09/2017 09:56

I don't disagree in principle but currently preset palettes have fixed handle locations meaning these would only be correct for one fixture type (for example the first fixture with gobo palettes that is patched with palettes enabled).

Colours palettes are deliberately defined to (attempt to) match the colour for a particular handle so they work across different fixtures when combined.  But with gobos I don't think this is really possible or practical - I cannot think of a way to categorise into enough significant types to achieve this.

I think the only way this could work would be either to have some sort of dynamic palette legends that change depending on the selection (in which case what would they show when there is nothing or more than one relevant fixture type selected) or drop the fixed handle locations and just append preset palettes to the next free slots.

However, the ability to apply gobo images from a personality file when setting a picture legend manually would certainly be useful.



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