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XV2 Martin Nievera Tour

Many thanks to Anthony Abrilla from Manila for the photos below 
of the XV2 Martin Nievera Tour which started in June 1999.
 The Avolites Pearl2000 was supplied by Jaime Godinez of Soundcheck.
XV2 Martin Nievera Tour

 Anthony says "I originally used the Avolites Azure 2000,
 however when Soundcheck got their new Pearl2000 a few weeks ago,
 I became the first LD to use it (lucky me and thanks to Jaime Godinez)
and transferred all the cues from Azure2000 to Pearl2000".
The lighting consist of 72Par64, 5 ETC ellipsoidals,
 2 (3kwatts) strobes, 8 Cyberlights, 2 haze machine & 2 smoke machines
 and 8 chroma Q colorchanger.
The Production was handled by BigMouth Productions.

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